Bohemian Rhapsody? More Like Bohemian CRAPsody

I used to be a big torrent guy. I would download tons of movies and watch them on my laptop. I did not distribute any of those movies. My family grew tired of getting the threatening warnings from internet service providers, so I left that lifestyle behind.

Now I have a guy. I don’t know how I came across him. Based on his name, I believe he is Indian. He has an Indian last name. It could be a made up persona for all I know. Anyways – my guy helps me get movies into my iTunes account for a discounted rate.

I was lucky enough to receive a redemption code for Bohemian Rhapsody on digital release day. I watched the movie. I gave it a few weeks and watched it again yesterday.

My Take

Bohemian Rhapsody is very watchable. It is not a great movie – at all. There are no remarkable performances in the movie. To me there are points in the movie where it looks like I am watching a Saturday Night Live skit where the host – Rami Malek – is playing Freddie Mercury in a fake movie trailer about Queen. Some of his band members don’t even look like actors, they look like they could be lower level SNL cast members. Hell – even Mike Myers shows up.

The wigs are elaborate and obvious. Malek is wearing prosthetic teeth that are ridiculous. I am pretty sure none of the actors are playing their instruments and everyone is lip syncing.

I have seen this movie before. It is literally any music movie biopic. The lead is a lost soul trying to figure out what they want to do with their life. Someone finds out they are good at music. They struggle at first. Then they have their big break. Then something bad happens. Then things get fixed again before the end.

The largest problem with this movie is that I watched it relatively close to when I watched A Star Is Born. It was really hard not to compare the two. Bohemian Rhapsody is full of green screened locations and audiences with lip synced performances; A Star Is Born appears authentic in every way.

Another issue with this movie – Freddie Mercury was a dick. He was shitty to his family. He was pretty horrible to his wife – he continued to try and manipulate her after things ended. He was an asshole to his bandmates, until he found out he had AIDS. They even show him sexually harassing his employee/future partner Jim Hutton and try to frame that as a “meet cute” situation.

The film also makes Queen out to be the saviors of Live Aid. Freddie continuously refers to Live Aid as “the Africa thing” and forces his way into the lineup after ignoring invites for months. Maybe they were the saviors of Live Aid. I don’t know, I wasn’t alive yet.

My last complaint – Queen didn’t end with the Live Aid performance, even though the movie does. Mercury lived until 1991. There are some pretty cool documentaries out there that show Freddie continuing to perform and record music up until a few days before he passed away from an AIDS related illness. If they truly wanted to give us an Oscar-worthy performance, then show that in this movie.

Final Thoughts

The movie was entertaining, but not great. The music is good, I even bought the soundtrack because of the live performances. Will I continue to complain about Bohemian Rhapsody? Probably. Will I watch it again? Probably.

– Buzz

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