Bottom Fishing With Buzz – Monday (4/15) Market Watch

*Disclaimer – I know nothing about the stock market. My stock portfolio has been comprised of one Disney stock for the last decade. (Which is up to $130 right now -nbd)

I am a big time stock guy. Always have been. I have been deep into the game for a few weeks now. I prefer to do my trading on Robinhood, because that is the only way I know how to do it. When you sign up for the app, you get a free stock.

A share of Office Depot (ODP -$3.47) is what I pulled in the blind draw. My friend also signed up and I received a share of Chesapeake Energy (CHK – $3.12).

SIGN UP HERE TO GIVE ME A FREE STOCK – you will get one too.

I decided to take the money I received from my initial two stocks and sell them off. I cashed out around $6.50. Then I reinvested my equity and diversified my portfolio.

Here is my current portfolio:

Stock Portfolio


MoSys Inc. – A semi-conductor company out of Santa Clara. They do something with data connectivity and speeds.

BioPharmX – A pharmaceutical company out of Menlo Park, CA. They specialize in skin stuff. We are one Facebook-stay-at-home-mom-pyramid-scheme away from this thing skyrocketing.

SiNtx Technologies Inc. – A silicon nitride medical device manufacturing company based out of Salt Lake City. The ONLY one with FDA approval.

Precipio – For some reason I thought this was a cell phone case company. I was wrong. They provide diagnostic accuracy for…something. Based out of Omaha, NE.

Crypto Portfolio


Dogecoin – an open source peer-to-peer digital currency. I missed out on Bitcoin, I am not going to miss out on another crypto boom. Bitcoin is now selling at $5,049. If Dogecoin makes it near that value – my initial $0.53 investment will be worth $949,212. Not bad at all.

The current value of my portfolio is $7.32. Where will we be at next week?

– Buzz

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