Repairing The Roster – 2019 San Francisco Giants

I love the San Francisco Giants. I also love video games. Specifically sports video games. MLB The Show 2019 might be the best video game I have ever played.

Now, my problem with the game is, the Giants are bad.

It is very discouraging to play a video game with your favorite team when they are not talented. The Giants roster is the worst team to hit with. I played a few games in Franchise Mode and the person that showed the most power was Tyler Austin. I also hit a double with Madison Bumgarner. If my bench first baseman rated 69 overall (nice) and my ace show the most pop – there is something wrong.

I could just be bad at the game, but I am not ready to admit that. Instead, I’ll blame it on the team.

To make this team fun again, I am going to blow up the roster and see what I can do.

– I can not sign free agents just to trade them.
– I have to put a player on the block first, then trade them to an interested team.
– I can offer to trade for a player put on the trading block by their team.
– I can’t just seek out players that I like, it has to be related to the block in some way.


RF – Avisail Garcia*Rays3B – Scott Baik (p)
RF- Eric Thames*BrewersSP – Derek Holland*
SS – Todd Pride (p)
1B – Max Muncy*
RP – Joe Kelly*
LF – Kiké Hernandez
DodgersRP – Mark Melancon*
C – Aramis Garcia
CF – Mike Gerber
2B – DJ LeMahieu*
RP – Dellin Betances
RP – Jonathan Holder
YankeesCP – Will Smith*
RP – Sam Dyson*
SP – Jeff Samardzija*
SP – Mike Clevenger
CP – Brad Hand
Indians2B – Joe Panik*
SP – Jose Palacios (p)
LF – Aidan Barber (p)
C – Mike Zunino*Rays1B – Tyler Austin*
RF – Michael Reed
2B – Josh Harrison*
SP – Julio Aguero (p)
TigersSP – Drew Pomeranz*
SP – Drew Waller (p)
CF – George SpringerAstros1B – Brandon Belt*
RF – José MartinezCardinalsCF – Kevin Pillar*
RF – Julio Reyes (p)
SP – Danny SalazarIndians2B – Josh Harrison*
C – Blaine Tyner (p)
3B – David Bote*
SP – Pablo Visperas (p)
CubsSP – Humberto Alfara (p)

Key: * = was on the block, (p) = prospect

Current Roster

Lineup Bench
RF – José Martinez
3B/UTIL – David Bote
2B – DJ LeMahieuC – Mike Zunino
1B – Max MuncyLF – Chris Shaw
CF – George SpringerLF/UTIL – Kiké Hernandez
RF – Eric ThamesRF – Avisail Garcia
C – Buster Posey
SS – Brandon Crawford
3B – Evan Longoria
P – Madison Bumgarner
Madison BumgarnerTony Watson
Johnny CuetoNick Vincent
Dereck RodriguezReyes Moronta
Mike ClevingerJonathan Holder
Danny SalazarJoe Kelly
Dellin Betances
Brad Hand


The moves I made are generally unrealistic. The game values things weirdly, and the contracts are not exactly what they should be. However, this is my world as a GM, I took advantage of what I needed to.

  • The trade with the Dodgers would never have happened.
  • The Astros would not have traded Springer for Belt.
  • I can’t see that Yankees trade happening unless Betances was replaced with someone else.

Players Still On The Block

I have a few bloated contracts that I would still like to get rid of. I would really like to move the following players: Buster Posey, Johnny Cueto, Madison Bumgarner, and my older relievers.

Posey does not provide a ton of value in a video game, he is an old and expensive catcher. He does not have much pop, and his contact is not even that great anymore. Bumgarner and Cueto are good, but they are both $20+ million and I can perform just as well with the less expensive starters in my rotation. I would also like to unload my aging relievers for prospects; Vincent, Watson and possibly Hand.

What Is Next?

I’ll play a few games with this lineup. Hopefully the new-look Giants are more video game enjoyable. Will I make more trades? Absolutely. Should Farhan Zaidi, the Giants GM, be taking notes? You bet.

– Buzz

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