Bottom Fishing With Buzz – Monday (4/22) Market Watch

*Disclaimer – I know nothing about the stock market. My stock portfolio has been comprised of one Disney stock for the last decade.

Last week I was feeling pretty confident in my stock portfolio.

I invested heavily over that last week – I have not made a return on that investment.

I got way too cocky and decided to put an additional $20 into my Robinhood account. After I put that money into my account I became really impulsive. So impulsive that I received a day-trading warning on three consecutive days. Apparently you are not supposed to do that.

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Here is my current portfolio:

Stock Portfolio

StockSymbolLast ValueValue NowSharesEquity
Kona GrillKONA$0.2810$2.80
Westwater WWR$0.174720$3.38
Actinium ATNM$0.29710$2.97
Yuma EnergyYUMA$0.219710$2.20
Zomedica ZOM$0.36628$2.93

Stocks That I Sold

MoSys Inc. – Sold all 7 of my shares for a total of $1.48 – a loss of $0.09.

Precipio – I bought and sold this stock multiple times, and I feel like I could have been a bit smarter with my decisions. I was still able to make some money, but could have made more. Overall I purchased 13 shares, ranging from $0.14 to $0.55, for a total purchase price of $5.40. I ended up selling all 13 shares for $6.47 – a profit of $1.07.

Stocks That I Stayed With

  • SiNtx Technologies Inc.
  • BioPharmX

Stocks That I Purchased

Kona Grill – I bought into Kona Grill and they almost immediately announced that they might go bankrupt. I purchased 6 shares for a total of $4.68 and sold them the next day for $2.90 – a loss of $1.78. I bought back in for 10 shares at a total cost of $3.33.

Weatherford – purchased 7 shares for a total of $4.39.

Westwater Resources – purchased 20 shares for a total of $3.61.

Actinium Pharmaceuticals – purchased 10 shares for a total of $2.90.

Yuma Energy – purchased 10 shares for a total of $1.78.

Zomedica Pharmaceuticals – purchased 8 shares for a total of $2.80.

Crypto Portfolio


Dogecoin – I have just about doubled my investment in Dogecoin. The reason? After I buy other stocks I usually have an insignificant amount left over. There is no way I can just leave cash sitting in my account. This is all about investing. I invest whatever I have left in Doge.


The current value of my portfolio was at $7.32. Right now, Robinhood shows me at $24.58. Factoring in the $20 I invested, I am down $2.74- meaning I am down about 10%.

As everyone knows: to get ahead in life – you’ve got to spend money to make money.

Where will we be at next week?

– Buzz

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