Oregon Teachers Are Walking Out On May 8th, 2019

Schools need more money – I type from the keyboard of my 13″ district issued MacBook Pro.  This MacBook is much better than the last MacBook Pro I had, thank god for the two year replacement cycle.

I don’t look at my laptop screen as I type. I’m looking at the image that I have AirPlayed onto the projector screen from the HD projector in my classroom.

The air conditioner has been working overtime – and I am clicking away on the keys. I hear the laughs of children out at recess as I work away. Wait a second, isn’t the air conditioner on, why is the window open? You may ask. My answer – we burn money up in this bitch.

I hear the ping of a new email echo over the surround sound speakers in my classroom. I leave them on all of the time. We have motion detecting lights – but this sound system is on year round.

I move to a new spot in the room, now I am too hot.  Probably because I left the window open.  I move next to the fan that runs 24/7 inside my Chromebook cart.  It produces a nice breeze while it charges my 30 classroom Chromebooks.

Back to that email – it is a district announcement.  There is a new administrator opening.  District Administrator for Managing District Facebook Comment Section – starting salary $110,000.  Oh man, that would be a difficult job. One day, with the help of district tuition reimbursement, I hope that I too can become an administrator.

Schools need more money – Teachers work their butts off year round.  Well, I mean not quite.  But we do.  Most of the year.  I work hard for my students 365 days a year. 

Not actually 365 days.  (Looks at contract) I work hard 198 days a year for my kids. Well now 197 days.

From Labor day through mid-June I work a demanding 8-4 job. I don’t get a break until Thanksgiving! Then I have to work late November through mid-December until I get an additional break. It is only two weeks long.

I bust my butt from January through mid-March, only then do I get another break. This one is only a single week long.

And then – the final stretch. April through mid-June. I have to work two and a half months straight, just to earn two and a half months off. Fully paid. (I also have 4 personal days and 10 sick days per year.)

Schools need more money – I am with my students 8 hours a day – creating future leaders. 

Not actually 8 hours a day. I only get 30 minutes to prepare for my student before school starts, though. Then I am teaching the rest of the day.

Except for my 45 minute prep during the school day. Outside of my 30 minutes before school, and my 45 minute prep – I am with kids non-stop.

Also, I have my 40 minute lunch, and my 45 minute plan time after school. But that is it. I only get 2 hours and 40 minutes during the day without students.

Another ping, another email.  District approves building ten new multi-million dollar schools – about time, those schools were almost as old as I am.  And I am almost 30.

Schools need more money – How are we going to solve this budget crisis? My school district has a multi-million dollar deficit we are facing. Our central office is threatening to lay-off hundreds of teachers, leading to larger class sizes in 2019-2020.

– Buzz

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