Did The University Of Oregon Steal Their ‘O’ Logo From SYSCO Trucks?

I walk my dog every morning around my neighborhood. We usually go the same route. We are creatures of habit. Walk left out the front door, pee when we hit the grass. Head down some stairs.

There is usually a middle-aged white lady with her little dog that is poorly trained and barks at us. My dog would devour that gremlin – and her dog – if she wanted to.

There is one thing on my dog’s mind, though. We hit that next patch of grass and my dog takes a dump. The consistency is the only thing about our walk that is inconsistent.

We head down the path around the lake – our lake is man-made of course. Nesting eagles soar overhead and perch in the tall trees that overlook the lake. The Eagles are scary big. Like domesticated cats with wings. They could scalp me like a colonist with their talons if they wanted to.

My dog and I continue on. We reach the other side of the lake and enter a shopping center. It is empty – we walk early. Workers are starting to stumble in to begin to prepare various restaurants for the day. This is when deliveries take place.

And then – I see it. We approach the pizza place by my house. The very same pizza place where a prospective roommate of mine works, or worked. You see, I do not know if he actually ever worked there. I do know that he was a retired overweight white-rapper. His stage name was as ironic as his intent to live with me. Maybe I scared him away?

Anyways, parked in front of the pizza place was a delivery truck. Not just any delivery truck – one from SYSCO. The very same company that delivered food to the cafeteria at the elementary school I went to.

I have seen these trucks all of my life and have never noticed anything about them. But today, for some reason, something stood out to me. I was staring at the letters on the side of the trailer – and I made a shocking discovery.

The Investigation

At first you see a normal SYSCO truck:

However, if you look closely – you notice something from somewhere else…

Before I go on to make any accusations I want to be sure of what I am thinking. I do not even want to say it out loud. Accusations can ruin careers, hell, they can ruin lives.

Let’s examine another picture to see if what I am seeing is accurate.

Just your normal SYSCO truck on the highway. Probably even I5. Let’s see what happens when I super-impose the image on there again. Will it line up?

God damnit. It lines up. Perfectly.

So the question we need to ask – what came first…the SYSCO “O” or the University of Oregon “O”?

The SYSCO Logo

I took a deep dive into the history of SYSCO. As a company they value integrity, excellence, teamwork, inclusiveness and responsibility.

I read a press release from 2008 – when SYSCO embraced a new logo. You see, what I had seen was the old logo on a truck. SYSCO has only added their newly adopted logo to new equipment. In that press release they mention using their old logo for 38 years – meaning it dates back to 1970.

The Oregon “O” Logo

When companies get all high and mighty about the story behind their design, they never anticipate that it will come back to bite them in the turd-cutter. According to this article, some time around 1999 this guy was approached by Phil Knight to re-brand the University of Oregon.

Finally, one day I was visiting Eugene looking at Hayward Field. The shape of the track jumped out at me because of its importance to NIKE and the University. I got to thinking how that shape was circular, so I took the shape of the track and the shape of Autzen Stadium’s fooprint and punched the track shape out of the stadium shape. With that, the Oregon ‘O’ was born.

Bakas Media

Yo, bullshit dude. The logo you think you came up with was actually designed 29 years earlier! It’s purpose? To be 1/5 of the logo on the side of a SYSCO truck.


My dog and I usually finish our walks through the remainder of the shopping center. We walk by the movie theater – she tries to eat the candy and popcorn tossed about. LEAVE IT! I yell multiple times. Probably too loudly for the time of day, my headphones are on so I can’t really tell what my voice-volume is at. She listens, but she wants that food so bad.

As we arrive back on the street I live on I know that I am starting my day with a clear conscious. It sure is nice knowing that I am not a thief.

Can The University of Oregon say the same?

– Buzz

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