Jonesing For A Thronesing: Episode Three Thoughts And Episode Four Predictions (4/29)


I was very excited for this episode and it did not disappoint. I had a hard time seeing things – I am not sure if that was intentional or if the TV at my parent’s house doesn’t have the correct calibration.

Thoughts on Episode Three:

*Stormin’ Mormon =SM, Tommy Nuggets = TN, Buzz = B


  • What the eff just happened?
  • Night King went out quick 
  • What army are they going to fight with in King’s Landing?
  • For sure thought Ned Stark was going to pop out when Sansa and Tyrion were hiding behind his tomb.
  • Sam and Gilly literally have no point for me anymore.
  • No way in hell Sam should have survived.
  • Arya is going to die now to inspire Jon and Sansa – she can’t kill both villains.
  • Nine seasons of White Walkers ends on a sneak attack.
  • Thought the Night King was going to kneel to Bran or something crazy.
  • What have Bran’s powers really done for anyone at this point? Seems useless now.


  • Arya done F’d shit up hard.
  • “What do you say when you look death in the face…” – she’s going to kill the Night King.
  • Gendry disappeared that episode.
  • Good job by GOT for tricking everyone over the last 8 seasons into thinking that the Night King and the Wight Army were more than a diversion to the real issue…Cercei.
  • Mass carnage at Winterfell and nobody truly important died.
  • Where did Bran send those Ravens???


  • The opening scene was awesome. You could feel the tension. When the Dothraki went off into the darkness and you saw their lights slowly disappear was incredible.
  • I liked the idea of Theon going to protect Bran. However, it did not make sense to have archers guarding him on level ground in close range. They had a tree right there, maybe put archers in the tree?
  • When the Night King showed up at the castle, and raised all of the dead in front of Jon, that was pretty epic.
  • Theon attacking the Night King was a good way to show he got his “balls” back, but that was almost laughable to run at him from that far away with a spear.
  • Is Theon not actually dead? “What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger”
  • I was really surprised how many main characters survived this battle.
  • It was awesome when Arya came jumping out of the darkness at the Night King, I said “Oh no!” out loud when he grabbed her neck, and I was relieved when she killed him.
  • Rule of TV – something is only dead if you see it die. Dragons are fine.

Episode 4 Predictions


  • Euron proposes.
  • Other dragon not dead. (duh)
  • Some army not part of the North comes to aid them.
  • Bran wargs into someone in King’s Landing to get insider info.
  • Deaths: Bron, Jamie, Podrick.


  • Cercei killed by Jamie
  • Jamie killed by the Mountain
  • The Mountain killed by the Hound
  • Daenarys will die eventually.
  • Euron killed by Yara.
  • Bron killed by Tyrion.
  • Sansa and Tyrion (still married) become wardens of the North.
  • Jon on the Iron Throne.
  • Varys is Hand of the King.
  • Arya and Gendry sail west together.
  • Gery Worm and Missandre make it to Narth
  • Brienne and Tormund get together!
  • The Hound leaves to parts unknown.


  • We are going to have another set-up episode.
  • All the main characters at Winterfell will re-group.
  • Cercei and Euron will begin to plan their attack.
  • We will not get an explanation from Bran about the Night King.
  • Arya will kill Cersei by the end.
  • No more Starks will die.

How We Fared With Previous Predictions

SM: 0 – 6

  • Jon does not tell Daenarys about their actual relationship. WRONG
  • They kick Jamie out of Winterfell and don’t let him help. WRONG
  • Jamie turns into the new Hodor as he pays his debt to Bran. Undecided
  • One or some of the Dudes who were at Last Hearth get caught by the Night King and are held hostage – but not turned. WRONG
  • Cersei is not pregnant. Undecided
  • We hear the Night King Talk. WRONG
  • Night King is not at Winterfell – he is going to take out the Golden Company and make them slaves. WRONG
  • Cersei has to go ask The North for help. WRONG

TN: 13 – 3

  • Jon reveals who he is to Daenarys. CORRECT
  • No key deaths this week. CORRECT
  • Brienne gets “Knighted”. CORRECT
  • Ghost makes an appearance. CORRECT
  • Theon arrives in Winterfell. CORRECT
  • Jamie is accepted in Winterfell after Brienne vouches for him. CORRECT
  • The episode is a major lead-up to Episode 3. CORRECT
  • The Dead rise in the crypts of Winterfell. CORRECT
  • The good guys win, but barely and it’s very costly (almost decimated). CORRECT
  • The Night King flies to King’s Landing to create another army. WRONG
  • Episode 3 Deaths: Breinne WRONG , Podrick WRONG, Beric CORRECT, Ed CORRECT, Theon CORRECT, and Jorah CORRECT

B: 3 – 8

  • Jamie is about to get kicked out of Winterfell – Bran is able to convince everyone to let him stay. Not Quite
  • Jon does not tell Daenarys about his true identity. WRONG
  • The Night King is going to the Crypts first, he is going to raise the dead down there and infiltrate Winterfell that way. Not Quite
  • Theon redeems himself by protecting Bran.
  • Jamie dies, sacrificing himself for Brienne. WRONG
  • Other deaths: The Hound WRONG, Eye Patch Guy CORRECT, Tormund WRONG, Podrick WRONG, Davos WRONG, Gilly WRONG, Jorah CORRECT, and Lyanna CORRECT.
  • Bronn arrives in Winterfell, just in time to save Tyrion. WRONG

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