If The Blazers Win A Playoff Game In 4OT And I Don’t Watch, Does It Even Matter?

The Portland Trailblazers beat the Denver Nuggets in Game 3 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals 140 – 137. The significance of this game was that it went to quadruple overtime. The Blazers took home the win and are leading the series 2 -1 .

Do I care? Not really.

I have never really been a basketball guy. I think it’s a boring sport. For me, the fun of the NBA is the twitter drama along with the ongoing Trade/Free Agency buzz.

The Blazers always make the playoffs – they rarely go beyond the second round. Like always – they don’t stand up to the elite NBA teams down the stretch.

So what was I doing while one of the biggest games to happen in my city in recent memory was taking place?

I was watching the San Francisco Giants come back from an 8-0 deficit to win 12 – 11 in extra innings. Yes, the San Francisco Giants scored 12 runs! Steven Vogt, fresh off a shoulder surgery and a spell in the minors hit a clutch 2-out homerun to tie the game in the 9th. His first game back in the majors.

Evan Longoria hit a go ahead homerun in the 11th. I actually put my fist in the air when his ball went out.

I was more excited to watch the (14 – 18) San Francisco Giants play a regular season game in Cincinnati – than I was to watch my hometown Portland Trailblazers play a 4OT game in the second round of the playoffs.

The Blazers play Game 4 against the Nuggets on Sunday night at 4:00PM. The Giants close out their series with the Reds at 1:10 PM. Game of Thrones starts at 6:00PM.

What do you think I will be watching this Sunday?

– Buzz

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