Best Major League Baseball Bobblehead Giveaways – 2019

I love bobbleheads. I have far too many – beyond a reasonable amount for an adult man to own. I am not lucky enough to live close to a Major League ballpark, so I have to witness bobblehead giveaways from afar for the most part. Luckily I have been able to fuel my addiction through eBay.

This year, there are quite a few bobbleheads that I have my eye on. I am going to rank my top 10, followed by a list of honorable mentions.

Top Ten

#1 – New York Yankees – Giancarlo Stanton – May 27th

I died a little bit when the Giants were unable to trade for Giancarlo Stanton a couple years ago. I have nothing against the guy now that he plays for the Yankees. He is still one of my favorite players to watch. It is also cool to see the c-flap appear in bobblehead form.

#2 – Texas Rangers – Juan Gonzalez – July 13th

Gonzalez was an absolute monster. He should be in the Hall of Fame. This bobblehead represents the ’96 MVP and the first A.L. West title for the Texas Rangers. Gonzalez hit .314 with 47 HR and 144 RBI that year.

#3 – Los Angeles Dodgers – Max Muncy – May 15th

I have become a big Max Muncy fan over the last year. It is becoming more difficult to dislike the Dodgers – most of their players are very likable. Muncy is rocking a homerun followthrough on this sweet bobblehead.

#4 – Los Angeles Angels – Shohei Ohtani – July 16th

Shohei Ohtani had a great rookie season, unsurprisingly culminating with the Rookie of the Year award. The surprising thing was that he was more impactful at the plate than on the mound. This is an awesome bobblehead with all of Shohei’s protective accessories included.

#5 – Washington Nationals – Juan Soto – April 12th

Bryce Who? Juan Soto burst onto the scene last year and never looked back. He has given Washington fans a reason to believe in the post-Harper era. Soto actually didn’t like the first version of his bobblehead because it wasn’t smiling – so he asked them to fix it.

#6 – Atlanta Braves – Ronald Acuna Jr. – April 26th

Another Rookie of the Year showing up in bobblehead form. One of the young stars of the game getting his first major league bobblehead – and deservedly so.

#7 – San Francisco Giants – Pablo Sandoval – May 11th

Last year was a forgettable year for the San Francisco Giants. There were not many key moments that you would want to memorialize forever in bobblehead form. Luckily Pablo stepped up and threw a gem of an inning – and now we are getting the “Let Pablo Pitch” bobblehead.

#8 – Cleveland Indians – Francisco Lindor – May 25th

Another c-flap shows up on a bobblehead, this time for Francisco Lindor. The heart and soul of the Cleveland Indians. One of the most exciting players currently in the game.

#9 St. Louis Cardinals – Marcell Ozuna – May 24th

I hate the St. Louis Cardinals. Like the Dodgers, they have a few players that I have a hard time disliking. One of those is Marcell Ozuna. Another on the long list of “I wish the Giants had traded for this outfielder when he was available”. This is a cool bobblehead giveaway because they are giving away all four at once. It is a mystery which of the four jerseys he will be wearing on whatever bobblehead you receive.

#10 – Cleveland Indians – Mike Clevenger – June 5th

Mike Clevenger has grown on me. Especially after he has joined the Giants on my “Repairing the Roster” series. This bobblehead is pretty straightforward – except it pays homage to Clevenger’s quirky glove collection.

Honorable Mention

St. Louis Cardinals – Will Clark – August 20th

Houston Astros – George Springer – June 12th

San Francisco Giants – Dereck Rodriguez – June 29th

St. Louis Cardinals – Pujols & Rolen & Edmonds – July 28th

Texas Rangers – Gary Matthews Jr. – May 4th

Atlanta Braves – Ozzie Albies – July 23rd/24th

Houston Astros – June 26th – Jose Altuve

San Francisco Giants – Evan Longoria – April 6th

Oakland A’s – Matt Chapman – April 20th

Houston Astros – July 6th – Gerrit Cole

Texas Rangers – Josh Hamilton & Michael Young – April 20th and June 1st

Seattle Mariners – Ken Griffey Jr. – May 18th

Oakland A’s – Matt Olson – June 22nd

Kansas City Royals – Adalberto Mondesi – May 11th

Are there any good bobblehead-giveaways that I missed? How many of these will I end up with by the end of the season? Can my teacher salary handle my addiction? Will any MLB marketing/Social Media teams send any of these out to me for free to improve their ranking?

– Buzz

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