Jonesing For A Thronesing: Episode Four Thoughts And Episode Five Predictions (5/6)

WE ARE BACK BABY! What a juicy episode – there was so much going on.

Thoughts on Episode Four:

*Stormin’ Mormon =SM, Tommy Nuggets = TN, Buzz = B


  • Why the eff doesn’t Bran use his power to do a little scouting of the situation???


  • Euron is a better Jack Sparrow than Jack Sparrow
  • These people had three unbeatable super weapons (dragons) and couldn’t use them worth a wet fart. Now there is only one left.


  • This episode covered a ton and almost seemed to go too fast. Quite a bit happened and we definitely moved at least a month or so forward.
  • Gendry loses the girl but gains a Lordship – he will be more than OK.
  • Arya and The Hound off on their own again. Arya said she doesn’t intend on going back to Winterfell. Is she going to die?
  • Jaime finally declares his love for Brienne and then bails on her.
  • Tormund takes Ghost and goes off beyond the wall again.
  • Jon is such an idiot. Why would he tell anyone. It honestly makes no sense if he doesn’t actually want the throne. There was no benefit to telling his family that secret
  • Sansa is anti-Daenerys, unfortunately she told Tyrion the secret, and now Varys knows. Everyone will know soon enough.
  • I was shocked when Euron shot Rhaegal. Was not expecting that, but it was a good surprise. The Dragon-Killing Scorpion is a real threat now. Unsure how they will attack King’s Landing now.
  • Cersei is stone cold! RIP Missandae
  • What a fantastic set up for the final two episodes. I am so excited.

Episode 5 Predictions


  • Click here for death predictions.
  • Another dragon shows up. One we have never seen before. That has been in Valeria hiding or something.
  • Drogon gets armor.
  • Euron finds out that Cersei’s baby is not his.
  • Bran will warg into someone at the capitol to get a huge tactical advantage.
  • Jon gets the throne.


  • The Hound dies.
  • Bran gets the throne.
  • The Hound and The Mountain kill each other.
  • Jaime kills Euron.
  • Jon kills Dany and goes back to the wall.
  • Sansa rules the North.
  • Arya leaves Westeros.
  • Drogon lives.


  • Greyworm is going to kill The Mountain to avenge Missandae.
  • There will be a swell of support for Jon to take the Iron Throne as his secret continues to get out.
  • Daenerys is going to become more and more like her father.
  • King’s Landing is going to be bombarded and there is going to be another huge battle.
  • Jon eats three rocks and poops our a new batch of Dragons.
  • Sansa gets the throne.

How We Fared With Previous Predictions

SM: 1 – 11

  • Jon does not tell Daenerys about their actual relationship. WRONG
  • They kick Jamie out of Winterfell and don’t let him help. WRONG
  • Jamie turns into the new Hodor as he pays his debt to Bran. Undecided
  • One or some of the Dudes who were at Last Hearth get caught by the Night King and are held hostage – but not turned. WRONG
  • Cersei is not pregnant. Undecided
  • We hear the Night King Talk. WRONG
  • Night King is not at Winterfell – he is going to take out the Golden Company and make them slaves. WRONG
  • Cersei has to go ask The North for help. WRONG
  • Euron proposes. Undecided
  • Other dragon not dead. (duh) CORRECT
  • Some army not part of the North comes to aid them. WRONG
  • Bran wargs into someone in King’s Landing to get insider info.WRONG
  • Deaths: Bron WRONG, Jamie WRONG, Podrick WRONG

TN: 13 – 6

  • Jon reveals who he is to Daenerys. CORRECT
  • No key deaths this week. CORRECT
  • Brienne gets “Knighted”. CORRECT
  • Ghost makes an appearance. CORRECT
  • Theon arrives in Winterfell. CORRECT
  • Jamie is accepted in Winterfell after Brienne vouches for him. CORRECT
  • The episode is a major lead-up to Episode 3. CORRECT
  • The Dead rise in the crypts of Winterfell. CORRECT
  • The good guys win, but barely and it’s very costly (almost decimated). CORRECT
  • The Night King flies to King’s Landing to create another army. WRONG
  • Episode 3 Deaths: Breinne WRONG , Podrick WRONG, Beric CORRECT, Ed CORRECT, Theon CORRECT, and Jorah CORRECT
  • Cercei killed by Jamie Undecided
  • Jamie killed by the Mountain Undecided
  • The Mountain killed by the Hound Undecided
  • Daenarys will die eventually. Undecided
  • Euron killed by Yara. Undecided
  • Bron killed by Tyrion. Undecided
  • Sansa and Tyrion (still married) become wardens of the North. Undecided
  • Jon on the Iron Throne Undecided
  • Varys is Hand of the King. Undecided
  • Arya and Gendry sail west together. WRONG
  • Gery Worm and Missandre make it to Narth WRONG
  • Brienne and Tormund get together! WRONG
  • The Hound leaves to parts unknown. Undecided

B: 7 – 9

  • Jamie is about to get kicked out of Winterfell – Bran is able to convince everyone to let him stay. Not Quite
  • Jon does not tell Daenarys about his true identity. WRONG
  • The Night King is going to the Crypts first, he is going to raise the dead down there and infiltrate Winterfell that way. Not Quite
  • Theon redeems himself by protecting Bran. CORRECT
  • Jamie dies, sacrificing himself for Brienne. WRONG
  • Other deaths: The Hound WRONG, Eye Patch Guy CORRECT, Tormund WRONG, Podrick WRONG, Davos WRONG, Gilly WRONG, Jorah CORRECT, and Lyanna CORRECT.
  • Bronn arrives in Winterfell, just in time to save Tyrion. WRONG
  • We are going to have another set-up episode. CORRECT
  • All the main characters at Winterfell will re-group. CORRECT
  • Cercei and Euron will begin to plan their attack. CORRECT
  • We will not get an explanation from Bran about the Night King. WRONG
  • Arya will kill Cersei by the end. Undecided
  • No more Starks will die. Undecided

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