Champions League: Defensive Disarray Leads To An All-England Final

I don’t know much about soccer. I played through 5th grade, then I switched to football. What I do know about soccer is – Barcelona and Ajax completely fell to pieces.  In similar fashion too.  They had beyond-epic meltdowns, helping to secure an All-England Champions League Final.

Liverpool vs Barcelona

Barcelona came into this game with a 3-0 lead on aggregate.  That meant that Liverpool would need to lead Barcelona 3-0 – just to tie things up.  If Barcelona were to score an away goal then they would have the advantage on aggregate.  

Things were looking terrible for Liverpool, especially when Mo Salah and Robert Firmino were ruled out for the match. To make things worse, two of my favorite former-Liverpool players were starting for the other side at Anfield. Those players being Suarez and Coutinho.

Barcelona did not look like Barcelona, and Liverpool played an unbelievable game at home. Like I have said – I don’t know much about soccer. However, that last goal was ridiculous. That was an incredibly bone-headed defensive miscue that Barcelona fans will be crying about for the next year.

Tottenham vs Ajax

What a wild semi-final this was. At first glance this seems more like a group stage game than a Champions League Semi-Final. Ajax won the first game 1-0 at Tottenham. I checked the score for this game around halftime. I saw that it was 2-0, 3-0 aggregate, and thought there was no point in turning the game on. I was way wrong.

Lucas Moura turned into superman in the second half, scoring a hat trick. His third and final goal during injury time tied the aggregate, but gave them the edge on away goals and secured Tottenham’s place in the final. That goal was an unbelievable heads up play by Lucas Moura. Ajax will have a tough time bouncing back after allowing that to happen.

On June 1, 2019 in Madrid, Spain we will have an All-England Champions League Final of Liverpool vs Tottenham.

It has to be Liverpool’s year after falling to Real Madrid in the final last year. Do Jurgen and The Reds have what it takes to bring the trophy back to Anfield?

– Buzz

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