The Spanish Grand Prix: So Exciting That I Fell Asleep

There is not much for me to say about this race. I was really looking forward to another race weekend. I was also tired. I fell asleep around lap 34 – not much had changed when I woke up around lap 62.

Luckily for me, I didn’t miss much. It was more of the same from Mercedes. They are just simply dominant at the moment. I do not know how anyone can get to the level they are at.

For me, the most exciting part of the race was the initial start. Hamilton, Bottas and Vettel all had a great jump.

Hamilton had a much better start than Bottas – quickly eliminating the advantage Bottas has from the pole position. Vettel got muscled out at turn one, braking to the point that he wore down a flat spot on his tire.

After that there was not much action in the race. Ferrari seemed to have the same team issues that they had last race. This time, Vettel was in front of Leclerc – and Leclerc trying to justify why he should be allowed to pass. Leclerc did have a legit argument and Vettel eventually allowed him to pass – due to the flat spot in Vettel’s tire.

In the end, both Mercedes drivers dominated from start to finish – and we had another 1-2 finish for Hamilton and Bottas. Verstappen and Red Bull came in third.

Watch the video below for full “highlights” from the race.

– Buzz

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