The NBA Is Fixed – The Bulls Already Won The Lottery

The NBA Lottery takes place tonight at 5:30 PM Pacific Time. If you were planning on watching The Lottery, don’t waste your time. The League has already decided that the Bulls will get the first pick.

As it stands the odds to get the first pick are as follows:

Team Odds
New York Knicks14.0%
Cleveland Cavaliers14.0%
Phoenix Suns14.0%
Chicago Bulls12.5%
Atlanta Hawks10.5%
Washington Wizards9.0%
New Orleans Pelicans6.0%
Memphis Grizzlies6.0%
Dallas Mavericks6.0%
Los Angeles Lakers2.0%
Charlotte Hornets1.0%
Miami Heat1.0%
Sacramento Kings1.0%

Looking at the list, the teams with a realistic shot at the #1 pick are the Knicks, Cavs, Suns, Bulls and Hawks. There is absolutely no way the league will let Zion Williamson end up anywhere outside of Chicago, Atlanta, New York, Miami or LA. They simply cannot let a generational talent like that end up in a non-marquee city.

The Knicks have been bad for a while – it almost makes too much sense for Zion to go there as the #1 pick.

Let’s take a look at how the lottery has historically shaken out over the last decade:

YearLottery WinnerOddsPre-Lottery
2018Phoenix Suns25.00%1
2017Brooklyn Nets (76ers)25.00%1
2016Philadelphia 76ers25.00%1
2015Minnesota Timberwolves25.00%1
2014Cleveland Cavaliers1.70%9
2013Cleveland Cavaliers15.60%3
2012New Orleans Hornets13.70%4
2011Los Angeles Clippers (Cavs)2.80%8
2010Washington Wizards10.30%5
2009Los Angeles Clippers 17.70%3

Over the last 10 years, the team with the best lottery odds has taken home the #1 pick just four times – the past four years in a row. The average pre-lottery position of the team taking home the #1 pick has been 3.5. As we all know – 3.5 rounds up to 4. Guess who holds the the number four spot in pre-draft lottery odds? The Chicago Bulls.

Based on the history of the NBA Draft Lottery, as well as the data I have analyzed, I can conclude that the Chicago Bulls will win the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery.

Many people are saying the Knicks are getting Zion, but I see things differently.

– Buzz

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