Would Zack Greinke – A Pitcher – Be The Best Hitter On The San Francisco Giants?

The Diamondbacks took down the N.L. West leading Los Angeles Dodgers last night, thanks in part to a Zack Greinke homerun in the second inning. That was his third homerun of the year, and it got me thinking – is Greinke a better hitter than anyone playing regularly for the San Francisco Giants?
*Outside of Alex Dickerson

Through 18 games at the plate – Greinke is putting up the following numbers:


Those are some solid numbers – especially for a pitcher. Obviously, Greinke does not play every day, so we need to take those numbers and project those out as if he were playing regularly:


It is unlikely that Greinke would keep hitting at the same rate – but those numbers are all we have to work with. Keeping the above stat line in mind, I will include a screenshot of the regulars for the Giants from Baseball Reference below:

If Greinke were playing in the everyday lineup for the Giants – he would be leading the team in 3B, HR, BA, OBP and SLG. He would be second in RBI and third in hits. He would without a doubt be the best bat in their lineup.

The question is, would the Diamondbacks be willing to trade Greinke, the hitter, to the Giants? Is it possible to work out some kind of time-share where Greinke plays for the Giants on his off days?

– Buzz

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