Yesterday? More Like BESTerday: The Most Enjoyable Movie-Going Experience Of 2019

Yesterday, I saw Yesterday. To cut straight to the point – this was the most enjoyable movie experience I have had in a long time, and definitely my most enjoyable experience of 2019.

I know that I saw Avengers: Endgame earlier this year. And yes, that is a better movie. However, Avengers: Endgame was stressful and I did not relax at all during the three hour anxiety fueled epic tale.

Yesterday was pleasant. It gave me one of the two experience I seek out when I go to the movie theater:

Option A: An action packed blockbuster featuring a character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe OR Dwayne Johnson

Option B: Something that I can sit back and enjoy while I turn my brain off for two hours.

Yesterday definitely fell into the Option B category.

Without giving away too much from the movie – Ed Sheeran was the star of the film for me. He played an awesome version of himself and induced numerous laugh out loud moments for me. It was the other smaller parts that were the additional stand-out performances for me:

  • Kate McKinnon did Kate McKinnon-ey things as a Hollywood agent but it fit the movie perfectly.
  • Lamorne Morris also had a small part that was fitting of the movie.
  • Joel Fry brings constant laughs as the sidekick Rocky.

Hamish Patel and Lily James were both great. Patel has an awesome voice and produced some quality covers of songs from The Beatles. I would marry Lily James today (if we both got along and our personalities connected and she was totally up for it as well). Both actors has good chemistry and it showed on screen.

The irreplaceable part of this movie is the music. The Beatles had so many great songs. This movie would not work with any other artist or band.

– Buzz

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