AMC’s A-List: The Dark Side To Paying A Premium

The other day I strolled into the auditorium five minutes after my movie was supposed to start. (AMC is usually good for about 25 minutes of trailers before a movie). That should be plenty of time to order my large Coca-Cola and pretzel bites and make it to my seat – especially considering I pay a premium for AMC’s A-List.

Here are the benefits of AMC’s A-List:
– You can see up to three movies per week.
– Concession discounts.
Premiere member only lane at concessions and ticket counters.

Unfortunately for me the staff at my theater does not respect the high society perks that I am believed to have signed up for.

To buy snacks you have two options – enter to the right between the black ropes, endure the switch back lanes on your way to the register. The other – to the left, a shorter line between golden ropes. In theory a ticket to cut the line. BUT GOD DAMNIT – I AM MADE TO FEEL LIKE AN ASSHOLE EVERY TIME I USE MY GOLDEN LANE.

The peasants in my community are so confused by what I am doing in the other (golden) lane. They seem to think I am trying to cut them. I am not trying to cut themI AM CUTTING THEM – that is what I paid for. I am better than them.

Then comes the moment, the one that everyone is waiting for. Will the lone concessions attendant signal to me to come up – even though I got there just a second ago? Or are they going to signal to the single mother with her three children – the one that has been waiting in a long line for about 10 minutes?

I know what is right in this situation – but does AMC? No, the 18 year old at the counter waves the woman up – and gives me a look. The look says everything.

Sorry Buzz, I know that you have priority – but societal standards say that I should let this woman come up first.

You know what I have to say AMC? Apology not accepted.

– Buzz

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