College Football Rankings And Picks: Week 2

Our first full weekend of college football for the year had some pretty decent games. The game on the largest stage came down to the wire – and Oregon managed to shit the bed again. We had an electric performance from Jalen Hurts in his Oklahoma debut. We also had a true freshman QB from Boise State lead his team to a comeback on the road at FSU.

Many contributors to Hefty Headlines were invited to participate in our Week 1 poll. Of the ten people invited – five responded, again. Here is what we have after the first full week of action:

Hefty Headlines Top 25 Poll : Week 1

The top of our poll has the same names we are used to. We had LSU jump into the top 5 after looking like they finally have a decent QB in Baton Rouge. Auburn leapt into the top 10 after an impressive win against the Ducks. There was some shuffling amongst the rest of the teams in our poll, likely due to us not remembering where we ranked teams last week.

Two teams debuted in our top 25; Syracuse at #25 and BYU at #20. The Cougars somehow managed to steal a first place vote from Clemson even after losing their opener to Utah. Two teams from the northwest managed to gather votes – even though they are not Division I programs. FCS Portland State received a #24 vote in one poll, Division III Linfield College received a #25 vote in another.

1Clemson (3)1 – 0122
2Alabama (1)1 – 0119
3Georgia1 – 0107+1
4Oklahoma1 – 0102-1
4LSU1 – 0102+3
6Texas1 – 090
7Auburn1 – 084+8
8Ohio State1 – 083-3
8Michigan1 – 083
10Notre Dame1 – 078-1
11Washington1 – 069-1
12Florida1 – 064-1
13Utah1 – 061+4
14Texas A&M1 – 059+1
15Penn State1 – 056-1
16Wisconsin1 – 050+5
17Oregon0 – 140-5
18UCF1 – 037-2
19Iowa1 – 029-1
20BYU (1)0 – 125NR
21Washington State1 – 023+4
22Boise State1 – 022+2
23Stanford1 – 020-4
23Michigan State1 – 020-3
25Syracuse1 – 015NR
  • Others receiving votes: TCU 7, Iowa State 7, Oklahoma State 6, Cincinnati 6, Nebraska 5, Mississippi State 4, Army 3, Portland State 2, UL-Lafayette 1, Linfield College 1.

Week 2 Picks

Heisman Pick

Jalen Hurts – QB – Oklahoma

Not close right now. Murray or Baker never put up those numbers. He looked better than Kyler and Baker. Hurts could be the third Oklahoma transfer QB to win in a row. Jalen definitely stood out this weekend and he will continue to put up unreal numbers trying to outscore the Big 12 each game.

Other’s Receiving Votes: Tua Tagovailoa – Lawrence gets the hype but Tua will be showcased by Alabama to try and win it after being runner up last year.

  • Pre-Season: Trevor Lawrence – QB – Clemson

Final Week One Thoughts

  • Chamby: PAC 12 North is going to be interesting to watch. Oregon and Washington obviously look good. Teams like OSU can score on you so can’t have a bad day. Washington State always dangerous.
  • Buzz: Impressed with the Boise State offense and true freshman QB – coming back on the road at FSU. Oregon was embarrassing. Herbert is not a top QB prospect after that performance. If you are a top QB you simply cannot lose to a true freshman at a neutral place. Oklahoma looks great with Jalen Hurts – he is electric.
  • Stormin’ Mormon: BYU got screwed
  • Tommy Nuggets: It’s going to be a long season, buckle up…
  • Bix: Jacob Eason for Heisman!!

Wrap Up

We are all on board with Clemson beating Texas A&M this weekend, so I would put my money on A&M winning. There is a ton of football to watch this weekend – we will be back with our thoughts next week.

Geaux Tigers.
– Buzz

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