College Football Rankings And Picks: Week 3

This past weekend was pretty solid for college football. We had two huge matchups – and only one lived up to the hype. There was also a late night surprise amid lighting storms out here on the West Coast.

Many contributors to Hefty Headlines were invited to participate in our Week 2 poll. Once again, we had five people respond…for the third week in a row:

Hefty Headlines Top 25 Poll : Week 2

The Clemson Tigers remain at the top of our poll for the third week in a row, followed by the Crimson Tide of Alabama. LSU climbs up to 3rd after an impressive win on the road against now # 13 Texas. #10 Penn State and #12 UCF continued to rise up the poll this week. The biggest drop in rankings is awarded to #23 Washington – who fell 12 spots after losing at home to Cal. #16 Michigan dropped 8 spots after an unimpressive win against unranked Army. The Maryland Terrapins make their first appearance in our poll, going from unranked to #19 this week.


1Clemson (4)2 – 0124
2Alabama 2 – 0118
3LSU (1)2 – 0117+1
4Georgia2 – 0106-1
4Oklahoma2 – 0106
6Auburn2 – 096+1
7Ohio State2 – 095+1
8Notre Dame1 – 082+2
9Utah2 – 073+4
10Penn State2 – 071+5
11Florida2 – 066+1
12UCF2 – 062+6
13Texas1 – 160-7
13Texas A&M2 – 060+1
15Wisconsin1 – 158+1
16Michigan2 – 048-8
16Oregon1 – 148+1
18Iowa2 – 046+1
19Maryland2 – 034NR
20Boise State2 – 030+2
21Michigan State2 – 029+2
22Washington State2 – 027-1
23USC2 – 021NR
24Washington1 – 114-12
25Mississippi State2 – 09NR
  • Others receiving votes: Cal 6, Hawaii 5, Colorado 4, ASU 2, Virginia 2, Army 2.

Voting Trends

Week 3 Picks

Heisman Picks

#1 Jalen Hurts – QB – Oklahoma

  • We will see once he gets to league play.

#1 Joe Burrow – QB – LSU

  • Joe Burrow could surprise if he keeps up recent performance and beats Alabama.
  • Solid and consistent. 82% completion percentage. 749 YDS. 9 TD. 1 INT.
  • He made Matthew McConaughey sad.

#2 Tua Tagovailoa – QB – Alabama

  • Tua’s due for some big games against big teams. It’s almost like he’s flying under the radar.

Previous Weeks

  • Pre-Season: Trevor Lawrence – QB – Clemson
  • Week 1: Jalen Hurts – QB – Oklahoma

Final Week Three Thoughts

  • Buzz: LSU looks great. Joe Burrow finally gives them a solid and consistent QB to rally behind. The Maryland offense is really fun to watch. It was so disappointing to not see Army come away with the win in the Big House.
  • Chamby: Michigan still isn’t very good.
  • Tommy Nuggets: Getting really tired of week FBS and FCS scheduling…
  • Bix: PAC-12 is still hurting….
  • Klyde Frog: UCLA needs to bench DTR.

Wrap Up

This week provides a pretty weak slate of games. We are just biding our time until we get Auburn @ A&M and Notre Dame @ Georgia next weekend.

– Buzz

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