The Gambler’s Guide To NFL Week 2

New England @ Miami

Miami +18.5


The Dolphins looked like the worst team in football last week – because they are. However, they always play the Pats tough early in the season at home. I think that 18.5 is too many points to give, I am going with the Dolphins.

San Francisco @ Cincinnati

Cincinnati PK


I think this means that I am taking the Bengals straight up over the 49ers. I have no reason for this – just had to make a pick.

Buffalo @ New York Giants

New York +2


The Giants looked awful last week against the Cowboys. However, they are playing the Bills this week at home. The Bills are not the Cowboys. I can’t see the Giants losing at home to the Bills, especially while getting two points.

Jacksonville @ Houston

Houston -7.5


I am all in on Gardner Minshew II, and I hope I am wrong about this pick. The Texans looked pretty solid last week against a very good Saints team. Even thought they lost, I loved the way Watson threw the ball. He has a ton of weapons, and I see this team rolling against the Jags at home.

Arizona @ Baltimore

Arizona +13


The Ravens rolled last week against a lousy Dolphins team. I think that they stumble a little bit at home, but still come away with the win. The Cardinals are getting thirteen points, I think Kyler settles down a bit this week and they easily cover the spread.

Seattle @ Pittsburgh

Seattle +3.5


As I mentioned earlier this week, I can’t think of a game that I would like to watch less. If I am being honest, with the Steelers hosting the Seahawks, I am rooting for Bane to show up.

If that doesn’t happen – the Steelers looked terrible last week, I am taking Seattle and the points.

Minnesota @ Green Bay

Green Bay -2.5


In a battle of boring white quarterbacks, I am taking the Packers at home. I think they win by more than 2.5.

Dallas @ Washington

Dallas -5.5


Dak is playing for a huge contract – he hasn’t signed yet so he is going to continue to perform. The Cowboys are going to air it out again and fly by the Redskins at home.

Indianapolis @ Tennessee

Tennessee -3


Tennessee looked great last week, I think they continue to roll against the Colts. Indianapolis is coming off of an exhausting overtime loss on the road in Los Angeles – I think they are slow to get started today.

Los Angeles Chargers @ Detroit

Detroit +1.5


The Chargers had a great overtime win at home to open the season, and the Lions did the same thing on the road. My gut tells me that the Lions should be getting more points against a far superior Chargers team. With that in mind, I am going against my gut and taking the Lions +1.5.

Kansas City @ Oakland

Kansas City -7


The Raiders are not a great team. I think last week was their Super Bowl after all of the Antonio Brown drama. There is no way Derek Carr and the Raider’s offense can keep up with the Chiefs, even at home.

New Orleans @ Los Angeles Rams

New Orleans +2


The Saints are out for blood this week, and the Rams looked sloppy against the Panthers. I think the Saints will win straight up – so this is an easy decision to take them +2.

Chicago @ Denver

Denver +2


The Jay Cutler bowl. Both teams looked pretty bad in Week 1. I do not think the Bears will be as good as they were last year, so I am taking the Broncos +2 at home.

Philedelphia @ Atlanta

Atlanta +1


This is a pretty even matchup. The Falcons got beat up by the Vikings last week, and the Eagles beat a bad Redskins team. I see Atlanta bouncing back at home, I am going with the Falcons +1.

Cleveland @ New York Jets

Cleveland -6.5


If the Browns do not win this game – it will be a long week for them. This is their first primetime game with OBJ. I think the offense shows up and they roll against a Jets team that doesn’t have Sam Darnold.

– Buzz

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