The Portland Metro Area Gets The Worst NFL Games: Week 3

Week 2 of the NFL season provided the Portland-Metro area with a disgusting slate of NFL action. Will week 3 be better? Kind of. Thanks to YoutubeTV, I have the schedule much earlier than I usually would. However, with YoutubeTV I don’t get NFL Network – it looks like that won’t matter for me this week.

Thursday Night

Titans @ Jaguars

This is a disgusting game. The only thing that would save this game would be a Color Rush matchup of Tufts Blue vs Teal. We won’t get that. What we do get is a matchup between two PAC 12 LEGENDS: Minshew vs Mariota, what we have all been waiting for.

Fox Early

Broncos @ Packers

I have officially graded this game – A+ DON’T CARE. A rematch of Super Bowl XXXII – but instead of Favre vs Elway we have the electric personalities of Rodgers vs Flacco. No thanks.

I would much rather be watching the Dolphins @ Cowboys. Dak and the crew will put up 70+ points.

CBS Early

Ravens @ Chiefs

This is the game of the week for me. Two undefeated teams square off in what will hopefully be a 63-56 shootout. Pat Mahomes and Lamar Jackson – the question is, who will be responsible for more fantasy points?

CBS Late

Saints @ Seahawk

Cool, another Seahawks game as the only option on TV at this time. At least we will get to watch the New Orleans offense with Brees at the helm…oh wait…he’s hurt. This game is officially declared the Take a Nap game of the week.

Sunday Night

Rams @ Browns

This should be a fun game to watch. We have a ton of star power, and I kind of like that this is a game with two teams that don’t play each other regularly. I would love to see both offenses light up the scoreboard – but something tells me this will be a low scoring game.

Monday Night

Bears @ Redskins

It is like they pulled two random teams out of a hat and ended up with one of the least enjoyable possibilities. We have the Bears, who get far too much attention for the amount of success they have had. We also have the Redskins – and Case Keenum – ew. This will be a 13-6 game.


We have two watchable games this week. If you are planning your Sunday out:

  • Watch the Ravens @ Chiefs at 10AM
  • Take a nap (better use of time than watching the Seahawks play)
  • Run some errands (better use of time than watching the Seahawks play)
  • Walk the dog (better use of time than watching the Seahawks play)
  • Do some laundry (better use of time than watching the Seahawks play)
  • End the weekend with Rams @ Browns

– Buzz

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