The Gambler’s Guide To College Football Week 3

If you followed The Gambler’s Guide To The NFL Week 2, you would have made some money. I was not horribly profitable, but you would have come away with something.

This week I am taking a stab at some college football action, here are my picks:

Houston @ Tulane

Houston +3.5


Houston is coming off of a close loss to a very good Washington State team. Tulane beat up on Missouri State. I think Houston is the better team, and getting 3.5 points makes this an easy bet for me.

Utah @ USC

Utah -3.5


Utah beat BYU by 18, who beat USC by 3 points. Math tells me that Utah will beat USC by 21 – so they easily cover 3.5 in this game.

Air Force @ Boise State

Air Force +8


Boise State is a good team, but they have only beat Florida State and Marshall by a combined 11 points. I think 8 points is a lot to give to an Air Force team coming off of a solid victory over Colorado.

Michigan @ Wisconsin

Michigan +3


Michigan is not as great as everyone thought they would be coming into this season. Wisconsin is Wisconsin. I do not know who wins, but Michigan +3 is hard to pass up.

Washington @ BYU

BYU +6.5


After losing their season opener, BYU is coming off of back to back OT wins. I think Washington is the better team, but BYU keeps it close.

Auburn @ Texas A&M

Auburn +4


Texas A&M has played one competitive team this season, Clemson, and lost by double digits. Other than that – they blew out Lamar and Texas State. Auburn has the lone impressive win between the two – over Oregon. Even though Auburn is on the road, I’m taking them and the points.

LSU @ Vanderbilt

LSU -23.5


Joeeeee Burrow.

UCF @ Pitt

UCF -11


UCF beat up on Stanford last week. I think they do the same against Pitt.

Charlotte @ Clemson

Clemson -41


Clemson has to win by at least 6 touchdowns, right?

West Virginia @ Kansas

Kansas +4.5


Both of these teams are unpredictable. I have to go with Kansas and the +4.5.

Kentucky @ Mississippi

Kentucky +7.5


Is this actually what the line was at? This seems too good to be true. I think Kentucky looked good against Florida last week. I think they win this straight up. This is easy money. (Everything that I wrote means that Ole Miss will probably blow out Kentucky now)

Oregon @ Stanford

Stanford +9


Stanford will bounce back after a rough road loss to UCF. They always play spoiler to the Ducks season. I think the Cardinal easily keep this within nine points – and possibly take home the W.

Southern Miss @ Alabama

Alabama -39


Alabama is too good. They easily win this by six touchdowns. I think they will be up by at least 39 by the end of the first half.

Notre Dame @ Georgia

Notre Dame +13.5


I think that Georgia is worse than their ranking, and Notre Dame is better than their ranking. To me, this seems like an even matchup. Notre Dame easily covers as almost 2 TD dogs.

– Buzz

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