The Gambler’s Guide To NFL Week 3

Denver @ Green Bay

Green Bay -8


The Broncos are not a good team. A Joe Flacco led Broncos offense is not going to keep up with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

Atlanta @ Indianapolis

Atlanta +2


The Falcons will keep on rolling after an impressive win against the Eagles last week. They are road-dogs, but it is still an indoor stadium.

Baltimore @ Kansas City

Kansas City -6.5


Both teams have shown that they have explosive offenses this season. I am hoping for a Big 12 style shootout. I think the Chiefs win by at least a touchdown.

Cincinnati @ Buffalo

Buffalo -6


The Bengals looked awful. They are going to start to tank for a QB.

New York Jets @ New England

New England -22.5


The Patriots have way too many weapons for this to be a competitive game. I think that 22.5 is a lot of points to give, but they will still win by 30+.

Detroit @ Philadelphia

Detroit +7


Detroit is better than people give them credit for and Philadelphia is worse than people give them credit for. Lions and the points baby.

Oakland @ Minnesota

Oakland +8.5


I will never trust a Kirk Cousins led offense to beat anyone by more than a touchdown.

Miami @ Dallas

Dallas -21.5


Dak has still not signed an extension – the Cowboys will continue to sling the ball around.

New York Giants @ Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay -6.5


The Giants are starting a rookie QB. The Buccaneers are going to roll in this one.

Carolina @ Arizona

Arizona +2.5


I think that the Panthers are not a good team. Arizona has had some time with their rookie QB, I think they have their coming out party against the Panthers.

Pittsburgh @ San Francisco

San Francisco -6.5


The Steelers are done and the 49ers just destroyed another AFC North team.

Houston @ Los Angeles Chargers

Houston +3


The Chargers have not impressed me yet this season. I think the Texans are a good team and will come away with the win.

New Orleans @ Seattle

Seattle -4.5


This is easy. I’ll take Seattle over a New Orleans team without Brees. I do not think Bridgewater is a good QB and I am curious to see how much Hill plays at QB.

Los Angeles Rams @ Cleveland

Cleveland +3


The Cleveland offense has to eventually show up. This is a big game for them – on primetime again – I think they take this one.

Chicago @ Washington

Washington +4


Gross game. The Beers look awful.

– Buzz

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