Reddit User 615huncho615 Absolutely Destroyed Me Today – Is My Head Going To Be Cracked?

Once in a while I will share a blog post on Reddit. I try to post within the correct community. For the most part – people have made me feel welcome.

Today my world was shattered, and my skull might be next. I shared a post about my latest Madden 20 Franchise to r/Madden. It didn’t get a ton of clicks. I got a few. One person commented and seemed interested.

Then, 615huncho615 showed up. A raging ball of testosterone – coming in to put me in my place.

Hey man, I have a life. My dog and I are doing quite well, thanks. I’ve also been outside before. Also, who is going to read all of this shit – dozens of people.



I have had more people view that single blog post than the number of people on a Little League baseball roster – two days in a row.

I decided to fight fire with fire. I love this blog – I put a ton of work into it. I refuse to be bullied by people like 615huncho615.

Digging back to my glory days always puts people in their place. I scored so many touchdowns in high school! I was a second team all league running back! I was pretty cool, he needed to know that.

I am not a nobody. I’m a somebody. This guy is badass though, “I would still use that tone and I still am,” shit. I wonder what his voice sounds like. For him to say, “quite obvious I never played ball,” is ridiculous. I had 16 touchdowns my senior year of high school alone. I balled out.

The next part is scary. He starts to get violent. “If you realized how many heads I cracked in college lmoa.” Jesus Christ. In what setting is it OK to crack people’s heads? I hope he is talking about football. Even if he is, what kind of helmets were people using?

Fine, time to fight fire with fire.

FACT and FACT. That’s a slam dude. How does that burn feel?

Thanks man, I was a great athlete. Like I said, 16 touchdowns my Senior year of high school. My big problem here is how he scoffs at the amount of scholarship money I was offered. $1500 is a significant sum of money – and that would have gone pretty far in a D2 college town.

I have worked hard to minimize my student load debt – and getting it down to $70K is a solid accomplishment. This guy does not even realize what he has gotten himself into.

FUCK. A full ride? Am I in the middle of a verbal altercation with Brian Cushing? James Laurinaitis? Paul Posluszny?

Going to school for free – anyone can do that. I did it from Kindergarten though my Senior year of High School (16 TDs). A real man wants to contribute to his University – in the form of thousands of dollars.

And with that, I shut him down. Looks like somebody got put in their place. If you come at the king, you best not miss.

– Buzz

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