UPDATE: Reddit User 615huncho615 Has Clapped Back – Did I Clap Back Harder?

What a wild and emotional day this has been. I have suffered through a lot. I feel like I have persevered through this recent attack and come out a better man. I thought the fight was over, and then when I least expected it:

God damn dude. Zero debt!? And is this guy talking football or fútbol in Europe? Either way, kudos to him. He also has somehow managed to get a European football team to pay for his Master’s degree, which is a wild accomplishment.

As I prepared my response I decided to not acknowledge the Master’s degree comment or the fact that he has a job offer. I already received my Master’s Degree in Education – therefore mastering all of education. I also have a full time job AND run my own business (heftyheadlines.com).

This conversation has already moved way past the student loans, this guy’s head is spinning. Maybe HE was the one who got a cracked head when HE played football. It is cool and all that he may play football in Europe – but I am focused on my health – I probably won’t get CTE playing my PS4.

I feel bad doing this to 615huncho615, I really do. Some kids just need to learn their lesson. Well, here is my lesson for 615huncho615if you play with fire, you might get burned.

– Buzz

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