College Football Rankings (Week 8) And Picks (Week 9)

Another week, another upset. Wisconsin loses a shocker to Illinois – one week before their big game against Ohio State.

Many contributors to Hefty Headlines were invited to participate in our Week 8 poll. Five members of our committee participated:

Hefty Headlines Top 25 Poll: Week 8

The LSU Tigers remain our number 1 team in the nation. They are followed by Alabama and Ohio State. Oklahoma jumped Clemson to become our new #4. Our biggest drop went to #22 Boise State, who fell nine spots after their loss to unranked BYU. #12 Oregon somehow fell three spots despite beating Washington on the road.

Wake Forest, and Iowa State re-enter our poll this week.

Others receiving votes: Wake Forest 2, Cal 1, Temple 1, SDSU 1.

Voting Trends

Week 9 Picks

If The CFP Happened Today…

  • Buzz: LSU is the clear #1. Ohio State and Alabama are on the same level. The debate is at #4 – between Oklahoma and Penn State.
  • Tommy Nuggets: Too early…
  • Chamby: Boring foursome. Go LSU?
  • Klyde Frog: If I had my way, the SEC would only get 1 team. Cannot be a national champ if you do not win your conference.

Heisman Picks

  • Buzz: Joe Burrow is the man. He is putting up unreal numbers against solid competition. That is what separates him from Jalen Hurts.
  • Tommy Nuggets: I don’t have thoughts…just facts and correct picks.
  • Chamby: Hurts has been my go to since day 1 and has Oklahoma averaging 50.4PPG, hasn’t done anything to lose that spot. Fields is running an offense that is averaging 49.7PPG, not bad.. Chuba Hubbard leads the NCAA in rushing at 1,265 yards and 15 touchdowns. He is averaging 6.5 yards a carry…which is absurdly only good for 17th in the country????
  • Klyde Frog: Joe Burrow is the front runner. I know it HURTS being the other candidates, but he is TAYLOR made for this.

Previous Weeks

  • Pre-Season: Trevor Lawrence – QB – Clemson
  • Week 1: Jalen Hurts – QB – Oklahoma
  • Week 2: Joe Burrow – QB – LSU
  • Week 3: Jalen Hurts – QB – Oklahoma AND Joe Burrow – QB – LSU
  • Week 4: Joe Burrow – QB – LSU
  • Week 5: Jalen Hurts – QB – Oklahoma
  • Week 6: Jalen Hurts – QB – Oklahoma
  • Week 7: Joe Burrow – QB – LSU

Final Week Eight Thoughts

  • Buzz: Very disappointing that Wisconsin fell to Illinois. They were looking ahead to next week and it cost them. Miami looks god awful – it is time for a complete program reset, starting with the Adidas sponsorship. Oregon is looking sneaky good – they may back themselves into that #4 playoff spot.
  • Tommy Nuggets: Anyone else tired of filling out Top 25 Rankings???
  • Klyde Frog:Everyone on UCLA’s schedule better be on upset alert!
  • Chamby: Go Ducks
  • Stormin’ Mormon: How bout them cougs?

Wrap Up

Big weekend ahead. Wisconsin @ Ohio State, Auburn @ LSU, and Notre Dame @ Michigan. Let’s hope for some wild upsets to shake things up a bit.

– Buzz

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