NFL Playoff Picture – October 29th

It is way too early in the NFL season to do this – but here we are. At this point we are looking at a pretty solid playoff picture. There is a bit more turnover in the AFC – and as long as the Steelers are left out – I’m happy.

Wildcard Round

Vikings @ Packers

A decent game with division rivals in the first round. Would be cool to see the Vikings have some playoff success against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

Seahawks @ Cowboys

This would be an interesting rematch from last year’s playoffs. The Cowboys beat the Seahawks 24-22 in the 2019 Wildcard Round.

Texans @ Ravens

Lamar Jackson vs Deshaun Watson – would be fun to watch.

Bills @ Chiefs

The Chiefs find themselves without a first round bye at this point. This reminds me of when the Titans surprised the Chiefs in the Wildcard Round a few years ago.

Divisional Round

Highest Remaining @ Saints

Despite not having Drew Brees for a few weeks, the Saints still find themselves with a first round bye at this point in the season.

Lowest Remaining @ 49ers

The 7-0 49ers are off to a hot start. The road to the Super Bowl goes through San Francisco, for now.

Highest Remaining @ Colts

The Colts are a surprise in the AFC – I’m not sure that many would have them pegged for the #2 seed after losing Andrew Luck to retirement right before the start of the year.

Lowest Remaining @ Patriots

The Patriots have the #1 seed in the AFC. Can anyone beat them in Foxboro? Please?

Wrap Up

Kind of interesting that of the four teams currently looking at a first round bye – three of them are led by a Bill Belichick QB. San Francisco has Jimmy Garoppolo, Indianapolis has Jacoby Brissett, and of course New England has Brady.

– Buzz

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