The Portland Metro Area Gets OK NFL Games: Week 9

Last week was officially graded as a “the worst” week for NFL on TV in the Portland-Metro Area. Will this week be any different? Let’s find out.

Here is what we have coming up for Week 9:

This week is looking as expected – we get the four regulars on our TV schedule – Steelers, Seahawks, Packers, and Patriots. Let’s dive into the game by game matchups to see if this is a salvageable week.

Thursday Night

49ers @ Cardinals

The 49ers are one of the best surprises in the NFL this season. Nick Bosa and the 49ers defense take on Kyler Murray and the Arizona offense. The Cardinals have new addition Kenyan Drake to revamp their depleted backfield. This is better than our usual Thursday Night game.

CBS Early

Colts @ Steelers

This is a gross game. The other alternatives in this time slot are Jets @ Dolphins and Titans @ Panthers. I guess I would rather be watching the Panthers game.

Fox Early

Buccaneers @ Seahawks

This is a better game than what CBS is airing. I’m hoping for a high scoring affair – and for Jameis Winston to eat a W.

CBS Late

Packers @ Chargers

No thanks. I have no interest in watching Rodgers vs Rivers.

Sunday Night

Patriots @ Ravens

Sign me up for more Lamar Jackson. He is the most exciting player in football. Can’t wait to see how he does against the Patriots.

Monday Night

Cowboys @ Giants

Hopefully the Cowboys stay on track against the Giants on Monday Night. The only downfall to getting this game will be the announcers.


This is an “OK” week for NFL action in Portland. We get three enjoyable games to watch – all in primetime.
– Buzz

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