The Portland Metro Area Gets AMAZING NFL Games: Week 12

Last week was officially graded as an “Boring” week for NFL on TV in the Portland-Metro Area. Will this week be any different? Let’s find out.

Here is what we have coming up for Week 12:

Let’s take a deeper dive into what is on TV this week:

Thursday Night

Colts @ Texans

This game is intriguing. The winner will take sole possession of the AFC South.

FOX Early

Seahawks @ Eagles

MY SEATTLE SEAHAWKS need to come up big and beat the Eagles on the road. Let’s build the lead in the NFC East for America’s team.

CBS Late

Jaguars @ Titans

If this game is a Color Rush matchup I am all in. If it isn’t, then why is it on TV?

FOX Late

Cowboys @ Patriots

The best coach and the best quarterback in the NFL will take on Bill Belichick and Tom Brady in New England.

Sunday Night

Packers @ 49ers

The top two teams in the NFC face off in a game where they will talk about Aaron Rodgers non-stop. Should be a fun game to watch as long as you mute your TV.

Monday Night

Ravens @ Rams

Lamar Jackson – the GOAT – in primetime? Hell yes.


This is an “AMAZING” week for NFL action in Portland. We have a watchable game in every time slot. Should be a glorious weekend.

– Buzz

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