I Decided To Stop Being Fat The Other Day: Mid-November Update

Weird – if you stop eating garbage and exercise regularly, you get in better shape. Who would have thought?

I started this crusade against being fat on September 3rd. Today – November 20th – I am down just about 20 lbs.

Here is a list of things that weigh 20 lbs:

  • A Wiener Dog
  • Two Gallons of Paint
  • Two Cats
  • Three Bricks
  • Four Chihuahuas
  • Nine Liters of Water

Now those are some terms I can understand. A little over two months ago I was walking around with an extra Four Chihuahuas hanging off of me? Yikes.

It is time to re-visit my rules and see how I have done so far.


Work out every day. Not like going for a walk. Like legit exercise. I have a Peloton and weights in my garage.

  • I have done 32 rides in that time span. About one every other day. I can do better than this.
  • Still – its kind of fun to look at the numbers. I have been on the bike for 1,007 minutestraveling 299.04 mileswhile burning 13,725 calories.

Eat better. Have a general meal plan for the day and stick to it. Be consistent. My buddy recommended Quest products. The chips are decent enough to help with snack cravings.

  • I have been eating better.
  • Quest products don’t taste great – but do the job.

Don’t be socially weird because you are trying to be healthy. I don’t go out every night. When I do go out – I’m not going to ruin everyone’s time and not drink or eat happy hour food.

  • Yup, easy. Still eating garbage and drinking when I go out.

No Coke. I love Coke. I do not need to drink it anymore.

  • I have had Coke. It is still my favorite drink. I have had less of it at least.

No fast food, especially McDonald’s.

  • Uhhhh, whoops. I’ve had McDonald’s three times. Worth it.

Hopefully I can keep this up – I will post another update after the holidays. Pretty happy with the progress I have made so far.

– Buzz

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