My Dad Pulled The Most Alpha Move Of All Time

Boys night – I went to the movies with my brother and my dad. We saw 1917 – a war movie – duh. We got our concessions, and used the the priority line at the AMC. Nobody was in the regular line, but if I’m paying for it, I’m using it.

My dad is a big time popcorn guy. You want butter sir? Lots. He’s also a salt guy too. AMC has done this thing where they no longer have the salt packets and the napkin/salt counter. They just have salt shakers. This AMC theater only has three shakers out at a given time.

Most people use the shaker at the counter and head into the theater. Then they get halfway through their bucket of popcorn and wish they had more salt. My dad is a problem solver. He walks over to the counter and takes an entire salt shaker and heads towards theater 8.

My brother said, “What are you doing – taking the whole thing? There are only three.”

My dad said, “not my problem – they should have packets.”

My brother looked at me and said, “that’s the most baller move ever.”

Three ballers seeing a war movie. Doing boy things. Stealing salt shakers.

– Buzz

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