Do The Giants Have The Worst Lineup In All Of Baseball?

*Kevin Pillar is not a member of the 2020 San Francisco Giants – This is a recycled image from an old article.

On January 30th, Bradford Doolittle wrote an article for ESPN+ ranking the best MLB lineups. I opened the link and scrolled all the way down to the bottom – anticipating the Giants to be the last team on the list. I was surprised to see they were in fact not the worst lineup in baseball…only the 5th worst. Here is a screenshot of how the Giants are ranked:

Obviously, things have changed since January 30th. The Giants made a few additions since then – Hunter Pence, Pablo Sandoval, and Billy Hamilton. Not that any of those additions truly impact this roster.

I decided to take a look at the other bottom feeder rosters – would I prefer to have any of the lineups from teams ranked below the Giants? Long story short, yes I would.

The Royals come in just below the Giants – but honestly…are they worse? At the top of the lineup they have Whit Merrifield, one of the best hitters in baseball. He is followed by speedy Adalberto and a big hoss in Hunter Dozier. Jorge Soler and Salvy Perez are joined in the middle of the lineup by Alex Gordon. They have Maikel Franco in the eighth spot – who hit 17 HR last year, good enough for 4th on the 2019 Giants.

This one is easy. I would take Blackmon, Dahl, Arenado, Story, and Murphy in a heartbeat.

Yikes, this one is gross. OK so I finally found one lineup worse than the Giants.

I somehow found myself at two Orioles games last summer – some of these boys can hit. Alberto, Mancini, Santander and Nunez put up solid ABs. Hell, Wilkerson can even throw and inning or two. With that being said, I’d still rather watch the Giants hit than see the bottom half of this lineup.


The Giants lineup is gross, but not the grossest in baseball. There are clearly two teams below them – the Orioles, and Tigers. I can safely say that the Giants have one of the top 28 lineups in all of baseball.

– Buzz

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