Classic Episodes: Butters’ Bottom Bitch

I have been on a South Park binge recently. It started when I bought South Park: Year of the Fan on iTunes. In that collection is 15 classic episodes – all with a preamble from Matt and Trey prior to each episode. Some of the great episodes included are: Chinpoko Mon, All About Mormons, Trapped in the Closet, Fishsticks, and Make Love not Warcraft. Among all of those fantastic episodes, none of them made me laugh out loud quite as much as Butters’ Bottom Bitch.


After buying his first kiss from a girl on the playground, Butters realizes he can make money and become a man by pimping kisses around school. Meanwhile, the local police sergeant goes uncomfortably deep undercover to break up the prostitution rings plaguing the town. (from the South Park Studios Wiki)

What Makes This a Classic?

The highlight of this episode takes place throughout the B-story – following Sergeant Yates of the Park County Police Department.

The running joke is that he takes way too long to reveal that he is undercover, and it honestly never gets old.

Freeze, you’re busted buddy, I’m a cop!

You really gave my little hole quite a… STRETCH!

Half of them didn’t even use a condom! Don’t you stupid kids know the diseases you can catch!?

Some people are more than willing to go above and beyond for their jobs. Officer Yates is a clear example of that.
– Buzz

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