Clash With Coyote: How I Fought Off a Wild Animal With My Bare Hands to Protect My Dog

My dog has MANY health issues. Once in a while the poor little girl will battle with diarrhea. She is pretty good at waking me up and not having an accident in the house. Last night around 3:30 AM I heard a few whimpers from her – I threw on my coat, put on her harness, and we were off.

We usually take this path in between houses along our walk. There is a staircase with grassy areas – a pretty nice and secluded spot for a dog to take a dump. My dog decided that this was a good place to squat and pee – our walk would continue after this.

As my dog was concluding her piss, she scooted in front of me with her butt to the ground quickly – like she heard something behind us. She was scared. I turned around and heard something moving around in this tall grass. It arose from the grass, silhouetted by the moon – A COYOTE.

A few months ago, I woke up to the sound of a couple of coyotes tearing apart a cat in front of my house. It was horrifying.

Anyways, back to my story – there I am, 3:30 AM, wearing socks with flip flops (it’s a lifestyle choice I am proud of), camo sweats, and my purple East Carolina jacket. How in the hell am I going to protect my dog from this thing? My body reacts – fight or flight – and I let our the most guttural “RRRAAAAAAAARRRGH!” that I am able to muster. The coyote scooted off to the left, and me and my dog turn back quickly to head home.

Just as I wrap up the most animalistic growl my body can produce I see a man turn the corner. He looks pretty confused. It took me a few seconds to make the connection. Oh no, he took his dog out to the bathroom at the same time as me – I just screamed at his dog.

We had a good laugh about – nice meeting your Michael.

– Buzz

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