Football Is Back Saturday Night: Getting To Know The Alliance Of American Football

The Alliance of American Football, or AAF, kicks off this weekend. The first slate of games is for Saturday, February 9th at 5pm. Some of the names are familiar. Some of the names seem like they are straight out of Key and Peele’s East/West College Bowl.

After reading a few chapters into Jeff Pearlman’s Football for a Buck: The Crazy Rise and Crazier Demise of the USFL, I am pretty excited to have another start up football league make a debut.

As you’ll see below, there are a number of familiar names among the coaches of the league. We have many former PAC-12 coaches; Dennis Erickson (Washington State, Oregon State, Arizona State), Mike Riley (Oregon State), and Rick Neuheisel (Washington, UCLA), as well as the former DC of the Ducks, Nick Aliotti. Many of the greatest players from the early 2000’s Madden Games appear as coaches as well; Michael Vick, Bob Sanders, Az-Zahir Hakim, and Lito Sheppard.

Other notable coaches in the league are Steve Spurrier, Mike Singletary, and Mike Martz.

The Alliance also features many recognizable football players; we have Heisman Trophy winner Trent Richardson, NCAA 14 cover athlete Denard Robinson, discus-thrower Lawrence Okoye, notable New York Jet Christian Hackenberg, and Matt Asiata.

Here is the team by team breakdown, with enough information to help you to kind of know what is going on:

Arizona Hotshots

Coaching Staff: Head Coach – Rick Neuheisel, Defensive Coordinator – Nick Aliotti

Recognizable Players: QB – Trevor Knight, WR – Josh Huff, LB – Scooby Wright, K – Nick Folk

Best Name: DT – Chunky Clements

Atlanta Legends

Coaching Staff: Head Coach – Kevin Coyle, Offensive Coordinator – Michael Vick, Defensive Coordinator – Louie Cioffi

Recognizable Players: QB – Aaron Murray, RB – Denard Robinson, K – Younghoe Koo

Best Name: DT – Tracy Sprinkle

Birmingham Iron

Coaching Staff: Head Coach – Tim Lewis, Offensive Coordinator – Steve Logan, Defensive Coordinator – Rick Minter

Recognizable Players: QB – Blake Sims, RB – Trent Richardson, DT – Lawrence Okoye, K – Nick Novak

Best Name: WR – DeVozea Felton

Memphis Express

Coaching Staff: Head Coach – Mike Singletary, Offensive Coordinator – None, Defensive Coordinator – Dennis Thurman

Recognizable Players: QB – Zach Mettenberger, QB – Christian Hackenberg, RB – Zac Stacy

Best Name: WR – Damore’ea Stringfellow

Orlando Apollos

Coaching Staff: Head Coach – Steve Spurrier, Offensive Coordinator – None, Defensive Coordinator – Bob Sanders, Safeties – Lito Sheppard

Recognizable Players: QB – Garrett Gilbert, RB – Akeem Hunt, WR – Chris Thompson, WR – Jalin Marshall, S – Will Hill III, S – Bryce Canady, P – Ben Turk

Best Name: WR – Marvin Bracy-Williams Jr.

Salt Lake Stallions

Coaching Staff: Head Coach – Dennis Erickson, Offensive Coordinator – Tim Lappano, Defensive Coordinator – Donnie Henderson

Recognizable Players: QB – Austin Allen, QB – Josh Woodrum, RB – Matt Asiata, RB – Brandon Oliver, WR – Jordan Leslie, WR – Kenny Bell

Best Name: DL – Handsome Tanielu

San Antonio Commanders

Coaching Staff: Head Coach – Mike Riley, Offensive Coordinator – Matt Troxel, Defensive Coordinator – Jim Grobe

Recognizable Players: QB – Logan Woodside, QB – Marquise Williams, WR – Greg Ward Jr., WR – De’Marcus Ayers, K – Nick Rose

Best Name: WR – Mekale McKay

San Diego Fleet

Coaching Staff: Head Coach – Mike Martz, Offensive Coordinator: Mike DeBord, Defensive Coordinator – Larry Marmie, WR Coach – Az-Zahir Hakim

Recognizable Players: QB – Mike Bercovici, WR – Francis Owusu, TE – Gavin Escobar

Best Name: WR – Laquvionte Gonzalez

League Schedule

I will be curious to see how this plays out. With a few other leagues on the horizon, it will be interesting to see which of them stick around.

– Buzz

Super Bowl LIII Takeaways and Calculated Predictions For Next Season

(Fart noise)


What a boring football game. There was nothing fun about that. It was an incredibly fast game for there being a commercial every couple of minutes.

Sony Michel was the star for me – looking like he will become a stud in the New England backfield. He is the early favorite for the player that is drafted way too high in fantasy leagues next season. Edelman was solid all night too, earning a well deserved MVP. Also he was suspended for PED’s this year but nobody needs to mention that.

The Rams did not look like they were ready for the game at all. It was like they finally realized they were playing in the Super Bowl on their last few drives. As I mentioned before, Ndamukong Suh is not prepared for big games like this, and it showed. Sony Michel and the Patriots ran all over him and the Los Angeles Defense.

Stormin’ Mormon

Unavailable. Had church yesterday.

Tommy Nuggets

McVay got out-coached monumentally and Goff showed his age. Both McVay and Goff got Billy B’d.

Predictions For Next Year

BuzzTommy Nuggets
NFC EastCowboysCowboys
NFC NorthPackersPackers
NFC SouthFalconsSaints
NFC WestSeahawksRams
NFC WC #1RamsVikings
NFC WC #2Bears49ers
AFC EastPatriotsPatriots
AFC NorthBrownsBrowns
AFC SouthColtsColts
AFC WestChiefsChiefs
AFC WC #1SteelersChargers
AFC WC #2DolphinsTexans
Rookie of the YearMurrayWGAF
NFC ChampSeahawksSaints
AFC ChampPatriotsChiefs
Super Bowl ChampPatriotsChiefs

More 2019 Predictions – Buzz

  • Wentz and the Eagles finish under .500.
  • The Raiders trade two of their first round picks this year to move up in the draft and take a QB. Then they trade Derek Carr for a 1st round pick next year.
  • Nick Foles and Le’Veon Bell and the new look Dolphins led by Brian Flores go to the post-season.
  • The Giants take Kyler Murray early in the first round, creating a very cool Madden trio of Murray-Barkley-Beckham, but not a very good football team for the last place Giants.
  • The Seahawks trade a package around Rashad Penny or Chris Carson for Antonio Brown.

More 2019 Predictions – Tommy Nuggets

  • The Chiefs steamroll the Patriots in Foxborough behind a revamped defense in the season opener.
  • Le’Veon goes to Miami.
  • Antonio Brown to the 49ers.
  • Foles to Jaguars.
  • The Raiders draft and acquire players to become a Juggernaut by 2020.

Super Bowl LIII Predictions

We are about an hour from kickoff. Our experts have poured over the numbers and are finally ready to make their game day predictions.


Patriots 32 – Rams 19
While I will be wearing my Tavon Austin Rams jersey and would like to see a dynasty end, I have to go with Tom Brady in this one. The Patriots have been here before, their coaching is superior, and Ndamukong Suh has zero big game experience.

This feels like a game where Brady eclipses 300 yards and a random Pats defender ends up with multiple takeaways. Hot take alert – Tom Brady gets a rushing TD today.

Stormin’ Mormon

Unavailable. Church on Sundays.

*Update 28 minutes before kickoff. Patriots 31 – Rams 30. FG to win.

Tommy Nuggets

Rams 31 – Patriots 17
Todd Gurley rushes for 100 yards and has 30 yards receiving with 2 Total TD’s and takes home Super Bowl MVP after essentially coming in fresh after having 3 weeks off. Too much has been made about the Patriots this week and the overall talents of the Rams roster finally reaches its potential defensively.

Super Suh: Can The Rams Star Summit The NFL’s Peak After Not Even Making It To The 2004 OSAA State Championship Game?

Before we talk about Super Bowl 53, let’s flash back to a huge turning point in the upcoming Rams vs Patriots clash… November 26, 2004.

Grant High School vs Beaverton High School. PGE Park. Thanksgiving weekend. The Oregon School Athletics Association 4A (Now 6A) football quarterfinals. Somehow, an upstart team from the city has made it farther in the bracket than usual. That team was Grant High School, led by arguably the most talented football recruit ever to come out of Oregon, Ndamukong Suh.

Suh could do it all. He played defense. He kicked (I’m pretty sure). Maybe he was also on offense. I don’t really remember it was 15 years ago. I am like 90% sure he was also the kicker for that team.

What I do remember, kind of, was a sequence of events that led me to believe that Mr. Suh would never win a Super Bowl.

I watched from the stands of PGE Park as Ndamukong Suh disgraced the OSAA 4A state quarter-finals by punching opponents and subsequently chucking his helmet at the concrete wall of that historic stadium. We were all so excited to see this national recruit play, and he managed to crush our dreams. My friends and I had set aside time to watch his talents on the field, and instead we watched him get escorted off the field. Grant High School would go on to lose that game to Beaverton High School 38-14.

Did he not realize what a bad example he was setting for me, a high school sophomore? I vowed that I would never display that kind of behavior on the gridiron.

Luckily for me, and the city of Portland, I was given the opportunity to re-invigorate the city two years later, on that same field, with my legendary performance in the 2006 state semi-finals with 144 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns. As I was carried off the field by my teammates that day in 2006 I swore I would never root for Ndamukong Suh.

Ndamukong Suh may have been a national recruit. He may have received multiple scholarship offers from major programs. One has to wonder, will he suffer from not having that big game experience early on in his career? Having played in an Oregon State Championship myself, am I better prepared to play in the big game today?

Coach McVay, if you’re listening, I am ready to play – today. I have more accolades as a high school running back than Ndamukong has, and less ejections. My big game experience vastly outweighs his. Speaking of weight, I probably weight the same as him now too.

– Buzz

Should The Rams Bench Jared Goff For Super Bowl LIII?

What if I told you that the Los Angeles Rams should not start Jared Goff at quarterback in Super Bowl LIII? What if I told you there is a better option? An option that currently plays a different position. An option already on their team.

Some regard Aaron Donald as the best player in the NFL. On defense, he is a game changer. One has to wonder, would he be that impactful on offense?

Let’s find out.

I will run a full simulation of Super Bowl LIII in Madden 19. One simulation to rule them all. All I am going to do is change Aaron Donald’s position from DT to QB. I will not alter any stats or attributes.

Now starting at quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams, from Pittsburgh, Aaron Donald.

First Quarter

Nothing remarkable happened in the first quarter. A few drives that led to nowhere. More punts than you would expect. However, near the end of the quarter the Patriots began to drive. We ended the quarter with the Patriots on the goal line, the Rams were able to take down Sony Michel in the backfield to set up Third and Goal.

Second Quarter

Tom Brady was able to connect with Chris Hogan for the first score of the game. The Rams fought back and were able to set up their own score on a 20 yard touchdown pass from Aaron Donald to Todd Gurley. The Patriots then responded with a 39 yard Stephen Gostkowski field goal to put them up 10-7 at the half.

Third Quarter

The Pats started with the ball. After a long drive Sony Michel scored on a 3-yard run. The Rams immediately responded, Todd Gurley wasn’t going to let another Georgia Bulldog outshine him. He cut through the defense and scampered down the sideline for a 63-yard score of his own. We head into the 4th quarter with he Patriots up 17-14.

Fourth Quarter

This is what we came to see. Can Aaron Donald lead the Rams back from a deficit? Will he be the first Los Angeles-St. Louis-Los Angeles quarterback to lead his team to a Super Bowl victory since Kurt Warner?

The Rams made it appear that way at the start of the 4th quarter. Donald linked up with Josh Reynolds for a 6-yard TD on a slant route. The Rams grabbed their first lead of the day 21-17. The Patriots came back with a clock-killing drive, capped off by another Sony Michel goal-line TD. 24-21 Pats. Then, against all odds, Aaron Donald drove the Rams down the field. As time expired, Greg Zuerlein kicked another clutch playoff field goal. From 51-yards out he sent it through the uprights – we are going to overtime.


I don’t really know how to make this exciting. I left the simulation on and stepped away for a minute. I don’t know what happened but the Rams won in OT on a 34-yard field goal. 27-24.


What did we learn?

There are a few things we can takeaway from this experiment. Option 1 – The Rams are a solid squad. Even with a DT at QB they were able to beat the Patriots in this entirely accurate simulation. Option 2 – Aaron Donald is the real deal at QB, he is ready to take down Belichick & Brady.

If I were a gambling man, I would bet the house on the Rams.

– Buzz

Portland, You Want Baseball? Sign The Players Now

The city of Portland has an opportunity to change baseball. The Portland Diamond Project is in a position to force the hand of Major League Baseball. They just don’t know it yet.

You want to get a baseball team here? Sign the players. Today.

The MLBPA is in a tough situation. Two of the biggest free agents, of all time, still have not signed a contract. People have been talking for years about this class of free agents. Harper and Machado have been discussed in the past of getting contracts in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Today, both have still yet to sign.

Portland, sign Harper and Machado, now.

Yes, I know we do not have a MLB franchise. Yes, I know we do not have a stadium. However, let’s run through this scenario.

If I were running The Portland Diamond Project, I am signing the best remaining free agents today. I am giving them the money they want, I am giving them ownership stakes. I am taking some of the most exciting personalities in baseball away from MLB. Once I have the team, I would figure out the rest.

Welcome to Portland; Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, Dallas Keuchel, Craig Kimbrel, Mike Moustakas, Marwin Gonzalez, Gio Gonzalez, Adam Jones, Wade Miley, Josh Harrison, Jose Iglesias, Clay Buchholz, Ervin Santana, Evan Gattis, Martin Maldonado, Matt Wieters, Lucas Duda, Carlos Gonzalez, Jeremy Hellickson, Bartolo Colon, Tony Sipp, Sergio Romo, Tyler Clippard, and Darwin Barney.

First, let’s look at our potential opening day lineup:

  1. 2B – Josh Harrison
  2. 3B – Mike Moustakas
  3. SS – Manny Machado
  4. RF – Bryce Harper
  5. LF – Marwin Gonzalez
  6. DH – Evan Gattis
  7. 1B – Lucas Duda
  8. CF – Adam Jones
  9. C – Martin Maldonado

Your 25-man roster, by position:

Dallas Keuchel
Gio Gonzalez
Wade Miley
Ervin Santana
Bartolo Colon

Clay Bucholz
Jeremy Hellickson
Tony Sipp
Sergio Romo
Tyler Clippard
Craig Kimbrel

Martin Maldonado
Matt Wieters

Lucas Duda

Darwin Barney

Mike Moustakas

Manny Machado
Jose Iglesias

Bryce Harper
Adam Jones
Carlos Gonzalez

Marwin Gonzalez
Josh Harrison

Evan Gattis

The Portland Diamond Project says they have the funding, this is how you spend it. Use the 2019 season to build the stadium and barnstorm around the world. Raise money by playing exhibitions in Japan, Korea, England and Mexico. Play minor league and independent teams throughout the United States. Raise national and global awareness that Portland wants baseball and we have the team. Commissioner Manfred and Major League Baseball would have no choice but to award us an expansion team by the 2020 season.

Or let our city be used as leverage to negotiate deals with other cities – again. That has worked out well so far.

– Buzz

Boston’s Bullpen Gets An Equine Juiced Boost – Red Sox Sign Jenrry Mejía

The Boston Red Sox have signed relief pitcher Jenrry Mejía to a minor league contract. The same man who was recently banned from baseball for life. When you look at this signing you have to wonder, is Dombrowski stealing this idea straight from Leo Durocher’s playbook?

A Brief History of Mejía and Steroids

Mejía was banned from baseball after testing positive for Stanozolol and Boldenone multiple times. Stanozolol is an anabolic steroid used to lower body fat and improve definition. Ok fair, maybe Jennry has some body issues, can’t blame him for that. However, Boldenone is an anabolic steroid used in veterinary medicine, mainly for horses.

Baseball is a game for humans, or is it?

Horse Baseball

Mr. Ed – the horse – faced one pitch from one major league pitcher. That pitch was from Hall of Famer Sandy Koufax. Mr. Ed was able to turn on that pitch and take it off the wall at Dodger Stadium. One swing, a line shot 380 feet deep. Of course, horses are pretty dang fast. Once Ed took off out of the box the Dodgers had no chance. Mr. Ed ended his baseball career averaging a home run (off of a Hall of Famer) every single at bat of his career. One has to wonder, was Mr. Ed on Boldenone?


Let’s circle back to Mejía. Is he a fan of the show Mr. Ed? Is this where the idea came from? Is Dombrowski looking for a solid bat off the bench? As the season goes on we will have to keep an eye on Mejía. Maybe the Red Sox won’t use him out of the pen after all. Maybe a situation will present itself where the Red Sox need one clutch at bat against a future Hall of Famer. Maybe Mejía is their guy – or horse.

– Buzz

Bryce Harper To Sign With The Phillies Today…Maybe?

I have no inside information on this. I am just piecing together rumblings that I have gathered from other places on the internet. If this is true, I am offended by the decision Bryce is making. He is ignoring the advice I laid out for all free agents here. The Giants would also be ignoring the game plan I laid out for them here as well.

The Evidence

MLB The Show posted this yesterday:

Bryce Harper is the cover athlete for this year. They can’t make a cover for the game without him picking a team. Rumors are that he agreed to announce his destination through the video game. Would be pretty cool if the last scene in the trailer for this game was him in his new uniform.

There is also a tweet from this feed:

I have no idea if this is a good source, just seemed like interesting information.

Finally we have this:

It always seems like someone has to follow through with these bets against themselves and the internet. I would be bummed if Harper went to the Phillies, but at least I would leave with the small victory of watching someone eat shit.

– Buzz

If I Were An MLB Free Agent I Would Sign With The San Diego Padres

If you were an MLB free agent, and all offers were financially the same, where would you sign? That is a question I have asked myself a few times over the years. My answer – I’d sign with the San Diego Padres. With reports coming out that the Padres have emerged as a mystery team for Bryce Harper and Manny Machado, we should take a look at why they should consider the Padres


San Diego is a beautiful city. Temperatures throughout baseball season range from lows of 54 Degrees to highs of 77 degrees. The city of San Diego has the most “pleasant days” of any city in America. A pleasant day is defined as an average temperature between 55 – 75 degrees. San Diego gets 261 of those every year. For a quick comparison – New York gets about 110 pleasant days, Boston gets about 74 pleasant days per year.

San Diego has plenty of things to keep your average multi-million dollar baseball player busy. There are beautiful beaches, a world famous zoo, historical buildings, Sea World, the Gaslamp Quarter, and even Legoland. If you are craving the attention you would get in a larger city, Los Angeles is close enough to drive to – without having to live in that dump.


Petco Park is a beautiful place to play baseball, and it was built not too long ago – in 2004. The Western Metal Supply building is what makes the park unique, as architects were able to incorporate the for-demolition building into the design. While it may be known as a pitcher-friendly park, the Padres have been known to adjust their field dimensions in the past to make it more hitter-friendly. If I’m a free agent hitter, I would see how much they could negotiate on that.

Payroll Flexibility

The Padres have about $75 million on the books for this upcoming season, however almost 1/3 of that is being paid out to players that are no longer with the team. Looking ahead to 2020, they will have only 4 active veteran contracts and a payroll at $64 million. The Padres have the number one farm system in baseball, lending most to believe that they will have a bright future.

No Expectations

San Diego has not been competitive for a while. The last time the Padres reached the playoffs was 2006, the last time they reached the World Series was 1998. They have never won a World Series. They have only won their division 5 times. Worst case scenario, the team is bad. You collect millions of dollars without much scrutiny – just like Hosmer did last year.

The San Diego Padres are so under the radar that I just googled “professional sports in San Diego” and they were 4th on the list. They were behind the Dodgers, Angels and A’s.

Only Major Sport In Town

Football left San Diego for Los Angeles. The only competition left for baseball in the city is the Alliance of American Football’s San Diego Fleet, The San Diego Seals of Major League Lacrosse, Rugby’s San Diego Legion, and the upcoming San Diego 1904 FC of Major League Soccer. If you want to dominate the sports landscape in a major city, San Diego is a great choice.

Legend Status is Easily Achievable

The Padres are the primary team of just two hall of famers – Tony Gwynn and Trevor Hoffman. There were a few other notable players that I can recall from my childhood; Khalil Greene, Matt Bush (No.1 pick 2004), Jake Peavy, and Adrian Gonzalez. However, if I am a free agent and I want to put my stamp on a team in a big way, there really isn’t much that I would have to surpass to be regarded as a legend in San Diego.

– Buzz

The Best Baseball Players Of All Time By Position With Personal Bias Factored In – Part One: The Starting Lineup

Before we get into this, I am putting together a lineup of players that I have enjoyed watching the most. I am only including players that I have actually watched, which means anyone that completed their career prior to 1989 is excluded from contention. Seeing is believing, for all I know all of baseball was fictional before 1989.

Here is the process for selection:
1. I can’t play anyone out of position, they had to play the majority of their games at this position.
2. I have to have been alive while they were playing. (1989 or later)
3. I am not the integrity police, steroid use or alleged use is allowed.

The Starting Lineup

1st – Barry Bonds – LF – San Francisco Giants – 2001

WAR 11.9 – BA .328 – OBP .515SLG .863 – OPS 1.379 – HR 73 – RBI 137 – SB 13 – MVP – Silver Slugger.  

The first of four consecutive MVP seasons. In my lineup I want someone at the top that gets on base, and Barry Bonds reached base safely more than half of the time in 2001. His numbers from the following year might be even more impressive, especially considering he led the Giants to a World Series appearance in 2002.

2nd – Alex Rodriguez – SS – Texas Rangers – 2002

WAR 8.8 – BA .300 – OBP .392 – SLG .623 – OPS 1.015 – HR 57 – RBI 142 – SB 9 – Gold GloveSilver Slugger.

The Texas Rangers were pretty terrible during the years Arod was there. His numbers were pretty unreal. He should have won the MVP this season too, but Tejada and the A’s had their run and they made a movie about it. Hard to argue against that.

3rd – Mark McGwire – 1B – St. Louis Cardinals – 1998

WAR 7.5 – BA .299 – OBP .470 – SLG .752 – OPS 1.222 – HR 70 – RBI 147 – SB 1 – Silver Slugger.

The coolest baseball summer of my childhood. I will always remember the Sports Center updates following the home run chase. And the underwhelming home run that barely cleared the left field wall to break the record.

4th – Sammy Sosa – RF – Chicago Cubs – 1998

WAR 6.5 – BA .308 – OBP .377 – SLG .647 – OPS 1.024 – HR 66 – RBI 158 – SB 18 – MVPSilver Slugger.

See above. Loved the hop he would do when he knew he hit one out.

5th – Ken Griffey Jr – CF – 1997

WAR 9.1 – BA .304 – OBP .382 – SLG .646 – OPS 1.028 – HR 56 – RBI 147 – SB 15 – MVPGold GloveSilver Slugger.

The season that sparked the genius behind the release of 1998’s Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey Jr. Did anyone use any teams besides the Mariners in this game?

6th – Mike Piazza – C – Los Angeles Dodgers – 1997

WAR 8.7 – BA .362 – OBP .431 – SLG .638 – OPS 1.070 – HR 40 – RBI 124 – SB 5 – Silver Slugger.

I always preferred New York Mets Mike Piazza, but his numbers were insane in 1997.

7th – Jose Canseco – DH – Oakland A’s – 1991

WAR 5.3 – BA .266 – OBP .359 – SLG .556 – OPS .915 – HR 44 – RBI 122 – SB 26 – Silver Slugger.

Unfortunately, I cannot install 40/40 Jose Canseco into my lineup – that happened in 1988.

8th – Scott Brosius – 3B – New York Yankees – 1998

WAR 5.3 – BA .300 – OBP .371 – SLG .472 – OPS .843 – HR 19 – RBI 98 – SB 11 – World Series MVP.

Bro’s best year by far. I need him and his clutch factor in my lineup.

9th – Darwin Barney – 2B – Chicago Cubs – 2012

WAR 4.6 – BA .254 – OBP .299 – SLG .354 – OPS .653 – HR 7 – RBI 44 – SB 6 – Gold Glove. 

It is nice to have a solid consistent glove at second base.  This is where my Oregon bias kicks in. His runs with OSU were pretty great to follow, that puts him over the top to earn his place in this lineup.

Looking at the players I selected, there are a couple of things I can take away from this process:

  1. I am clearly not against steroid, or alleged steroid, use. I would even go as far as to say that steroids saved the game of baseball, but that is an argument for another day.
  2. I love home runs.
  3. My lineup is way heavy on right handed batters.
  4. I was able to sneak two Oregon based players in at the end.

Coming up next in this series – The Best Baseball Players Of All Time By Position With Personal Bias Factored In – Part Two: The Rotation.

– Buzz