Did The University Of Oregon Steal Their ‘O’ Logo From SYSCO Trucks?

I walk my dog every morning around my neighborhood. We usually go the same route. We are creatures of habit. Walk left out the front door, pee when we hit the grass. Head down some stairs.

There is usually a middle-aged white lady with her little dog that is poorly trained and barks at us. My dog would devour that gremlin – and her dog – if she wanted to.

There is one thing on my dog’s mind, though. We hit that next patch of grass and my dog takes a dump. The consistency is the only thing about our walk that is inconsistent.

We head down the path around the lake – our lake is man-made of course. Nesting eagles soar overhead and perch in the tall trees that overlook the lake. The Eagles are scary big. Like domesticated cats with wings. They could scalp me like a colonist with their talons if they wanted to.

My dog and I continue on. We reach the other side of the lake and enter a shopping center. It is empty – we walk early. Workers are starting to stumble in to begin to prepare various restaurants for the day. This is when deliveries take place.

And then – I see it. We approach the pizza place by my house. The very same pizza place where a prospective roommate of mine works, or worked. You see, I do not know if he actually ever worked there. I do know that he was a retired overweight white-rapper. His stage name was as ironic as his intent to live with me. Maybe I scared him away?

Anyways, parked in front of the pizza place was a delivery truck. Not just any delivery truck – one from SYSCO. The very same company that delivered food to the cafeteria at the elementary school I went to.

I have seen these trucks all of my life and have never noticed anything about them. But today, for some reason, something stood out to me. I was staring at the letters on the side of the trailer – and I made a shocking discovery.

The Investigation

At first you see a normal SYSCO truck:

However, if you look closely – you notice something from somewhere else…

Before I go on to make any accusations I want to be sure of what I am thinking. I do not even want to say it out loud. Accusations can ruin careers, hell, they can ruin lives.

Let’s examine another picture to see if what I am seeing is accurate.

Just your normal SYSCO truck on the highway. Probably even I5. Let’s see what happens when I super-impose the image on there again. Will it line up?

God damnit. It lines up. Perfectly.

So the question we need to ask – what came first…the SYSCO “O” or the University of Oregon “O”?

The SYSCO Logo

I took a deep dive into the history of SYSCO. As a company they value integrity, excellence, teamwork, inclusiveness and responsibility.

I read a press release from 2008 – when SYSCO embraced a new logo. You see, what I had seen was the old logo on a truck. SYSCO has only added their newly adopted logo to new equipment. In that press release they mention using their old logo for 38 years – meaning it dates back to 1970.

The Oregon “O” Logo

When companies get all high and mighty about the story behind their design, they never anticipate that it will come back to bite them in the turd-cutter. According to this article, some time around 1999 this guy was approached by Phil Knight to re-brand the University of Oregon.

Finally, one day I was visiting Eugene looking at Hayward Field. The shape of the track jumped out at me because of its importance to NIKE and the University. I got to thinking how that shape was circular, so I took the shape of the track and the shape of Autzen Stadium’s fooprint and punched the track shape out of the stadium shape. With that, the Oregon ‘O’ was born.

Bakas Media

Yo, bullshit dude. The logo you think you came up with was actually designed 29 years earlier! It’s purpose? To be 1/5 of the logo on the side of a SYSCO truck.


My dog and I usually finish our walks through the remainder of the shopping center. We walk by the movie theater – she tries to eat the candy and popcorn tossed about. LEAVE IT! I yell multiple times. Probably too loudly for the time of day, my headphones are on so I can’t really tell what my voice-volume is at. She listens, but she wants that food so bad.

As we arrive back on the street I live on I know that I am starting my day with a clear conscious. It sure is nice knowing that I am not a thief.

Can The University of Oregon say the same?

– Buzz

Oregon Teachers Are Walking Out On May 8th, 2019

Schools need more money – I type from the keyboard of my 13″ district issued MacBook Pro.  This MacBook is much better than the last MacBook Pro I had, thank god for the two year replacement cycle.

I don’t look at my laptop screen as I type. I’m looking at the image that I have AirPlayed onto the projector screen from the HD projector in my classroom.

The air conditioner has been working overtime – and I am clicking away on the keys. I hear the laughs of children out at recess as I work away. Wait a second, isn’t the air conditioner on, why is the window open? You may ask. My answer – we burn money up in this bitch.

I hear the ping of a new email echo over the surround sound speakers in my classroom. I leave them on all of the time. We have motion detecting lights – but this sound system is on year round.

I move to a new spot in the room, now I am too hot.  Probably because I left the window open.  I move next to the fan that runs 24/7 inside my Chromebook cart.  It produces a nice breeze while it charges my 30 classroom Chromebooks.

Back to that email – it is a district announcement.  There is a new administrator opening.  District Administrator for Managing District Facebook Comment Section – starting salary $110,000.  Oh man, that would be a difficult job. One day, with the help of district tuition reimbursement, I hope that I too can become an administrator.

Schools need more money – Teachers work their butts off year round.  Well, I mean not quite.  But we do.  Most of the year.  I work hard for my students 365 days a year. 

Not actually 365 days.  (Looks at contract) I work hard 198 days a year for my kids. Well now 197 days.

From Labor day through mid-June I work a demanding 8-4 job. I don’t get a break until Thanksgiving! Then I have to work late November through mid-December until I get an additional break. It is only two weeks long.

I bust my butt from January through mid-March, only then do I get another break. This one is only a single week long.

And then – the final stretch. April through mid-June. I have to work two and a half months straight, just to earn two and a half months off. Fully paid. (I also have 4 personal days and 10 sick days per year.)

Schools need more money – I am with my students 8 hours a day – creating future leaders. 

Not actually 8 hours a day. I only get 30 minutes to prepare for my student before school starts, though. Then I am teaching the rest of the day.

Except for my 45 minute prep during the school day. Outside of my 30 minutes before school, and my 45 minute prep – I am with kids non-stop.

Also, I have my 40 minute lunch, and my 45 minute plan time after school. But that is it. I only get 2 hours and 40 minutes during the day without students.

Another ping, another email.  District approves building ten new multi-million dollar schools – about time, those schools were almost as old as I am.  And I am almost 30.

Schools need more money – How are we going to solve this budget crisis? My school district has a multi-million dollar deficit we are facing. Our central office is threatening to lay-off hundreds of teachers, leading to larger class sizes in 2019-2020.

– Buzz

Super Suh: Can The Rams Star Summit The NFL’s Peak After Not Even Making It To The 2004 OSAA State Championship Game?

Before we talk about Super Bowl 53, let’s flash back to a huge turning point in the upcoming Rams vs Patriots clash… November 26, 2004.

Grant High School vs Beaverton High School. PGE Park. Thanksgiving weekend. The Oregon School Athletics Association 4A (Now 6A) football quarterfinals. Somehow, an upstart team from the city has made it farther in the bracket than usual. That team was Grant High School, led by arguably the most talented football recruit ever to come out of Oregon, Ndamukong Suh.

Suh could do it all. He played defense. He kicked (I’m pretty sure). Maybe he was also on offense. I don’t really remember it was 15 years ago. I am like 90% sure he was also the kicker for that team.

What I do remember, kind of, was a sequence of events that led me to believe that Mr. Suh would never win a Super Bowl.

I watched from the stands of PGE Park as Ndamukong Suh disgraced the OSAA 4A state quarter-finals by punching opponents and subsequently chucking his helmet at the concrete wall of that historic stadium. We were all so excited to see this national recruit play, and he managed to crush our dreams. My friends and I had set aside time to watch his talents on the field, and instead we watched him get escorted off the field. Grant High School would go on to lose that game to Beaverton High School 38-14.

Did he not realize what a bad example he was setting for me, a high school sophomore? I vowed that I would never display that kind of behavior on the gridiron.

Luckily for me, and the city of Portland, I was given the opportunity to re-invigorate the city two years later, on that same field, with my legendary performance in the 2006 state semi-finals with 144 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns. As I was carried off the field by my teammates that day in 2006 I swore I would never root for Ndamukong Suh.

Ndamukong Suh may have been a national recruit. He may have received multiple scholarship offers from major programs. One has to wonder, will he suffer from not having that big game experience early on in his career? Having played in an Oregon State Championship myself, am I better prepared to play in the big game today?

Coach McVay, if you’re listening, I am ready to play – today. I have more accolades as a high school running back than Ndamukong has, and less ejections. My big game experience vastly outweighs his. Speaking of weight, I probably weight the same as him now too.

– Buzz

Portland, You Want Baseball? Sign The Players Now

The city of Portland has an opportunity to change baseball. The Portland Diamond Project is in a position to force the hand of Major League Baseball. They just don’t know it yet.

You want to get a baseball team here? Sign the players. Today.

The MLBPA is in a tough situation. Two of the biggest free agents, of all time, still have not signed a contract. People have been talking for years about this class of free agents. Harper and Machado have been discussed in the past of getting contracts in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Today, both have still yet to sign.

Portland, sign Harper and Machado, now.

Yes, I know we do not have a MLB franchise. Yes, I know we do not have a stadium. However, let’s run through this scenario.

If I were running The Portland Diamond Project, I am signing the best remaining free agents today. I am giving them the money they want, I am giving them ownership stakes. I am taking some of the most exciting personalities in baseball away from MLB. Once I have the team, I would figure out the rest.

Welcome to Portland; Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, Dallas Keuchel, Craig Kimbrel, Mike Moustakas, Marwin Gonzalez, Gio Gonzalez, Adam Jones, Wade Miley, Josh Harrison, Jose Iglesias, Clay Buchholz, Ervin Santana, Evan Gattis, Martin Maldonado, Matt Wieters, Lucas Duda, Carlos Gonzalez, Jeremy Hellickson, Bartolo Colon, Tony Sipp, Sergio Romo, Tyler Clippard, and Darwin Barney.

First, let’s look at our potential opening day lineup:

  1. 2B – Josh Harrison
  2. 3B – Mike Moustakas
  3. SS – Manny Machado
  4. RF – Bryce Harper
  5. LF – Marwin Gonzalez
  6. DH – Evan Gattis
  7. 1B – Lucas Duda
  8. CF – Adam Jones
  9. C – Martin Maldonado

Your 25-man roster, by position:

Dallas Keuchel
Gio Gonzalez
Wade Miley
Ervin Santana
Bartolo Colon

Clay Bucholz
Jeremy Hellickson
Tony Sipp
Sergio Romo
Tyler Clippard
Craig Kimbrel

Martin Maldonado
Matt Wieters

Lucas Duda

Darwin Barney

Mike Moustakas

Manny Machado
Jose Iglesias

Bryce Harper
Adam Jones
Carlos Gonzalez

Marwin Gonzalez
Josh Harrison

Evan Gattis

The Portland Diamond Project says they have the funding, this is how you spend it. Use the 2019 season to build the stadium and barnstorm around the world. Raise money by playing exhibitions in Japan, Korea, England and Mexico. Play minor league and independent teams throughout the United States. Raise national and global awareness that Portland wants baseball and we have the team. Commissioner Manfred and Major League Baseball would have no choice but to award us an expansion team by the 2020 season.

Or let our city be used as leverage to negotiate deals with other cities – again. That has worked out well so far.

– Buzz