Is Alex Dickerson Better Than Mike Trout?

Alex Dickerson made his debut with the San Francisco Giants on June 21, 2019. He ended that night with an electric debut, hitting a Grand Slam and falling a double short of the cycle. The Giants have been longing for a slugger in Left Field ever since the days of the G.O.A.T. Barry Bonds – is Dickerson here to save us?

Many would argue that the best player in the game today is Mike Trout. It is hard to disagree with that. No matter how boring Mike Trout is as a personality – he consistently puts up numbers at the plate.

One has to wonder – would the Giants be better off with Mike Trout, or have they found their savior in Alex Dickerson?

Let’s take a look at the numbers for an unbiased statistical analysis before we make that decision. It is only fair to compare both players from the day of Alex Dickerson’s debut – June 21st.

Current Performance





There is not much to discuss here. Alex Dickerson is clearly dominant in just about every category. Trout draws more walks, but Dickerson still boasts a better OBP.

I think it is best to project these numbers over the rest of the season to determine who the better outfielder will be through 2019.

Season Projections


The San Francisco Giants have 87 games left this season. If we take Dickerson’s performance from his first two games in a Giants uniform – and project it over the remaining 87 games – his numbers will look something like this:



The Angels have 84 games remaining this season. If we take Trout’s performance over the same time-frame as Dickerson – and project it over his 84 remaining games, his numbers will look something like this:



After taking an unbiased look at the numbers, it is clear to me that the Giants have found a gem. Alex Dickerson is the real deal, and if he keeps playing at this pace, he will end the season as the MVP. Mike Trout on the other hand – his power numbers are going way downhill.

Which outfielder would you want on your team? I know who I would take.

– Buzz