Chiefs To “Chop” 49ers for Super Bowl 54 Title

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”

Semisonic – “Closing Time”

…classic words from Semisonic’s 1998 Hit Closing Time. Funny thing is that it has nothing to do with the 49ers and everything to do with Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots. The 49ers just happen to be the stepping stone…it could have been anyone from the NFC…doesn’t really matter. In all honestly, the Chiefs should have taken the step last year but Andy Reid’s loyalty and friendship to a 3-year overdue change in Defensive Coordinator got in the way. Irregardless, the Patriots won, the Chiefs lost and Belichick & Brady claimed their 6th (and final) Super Bowl Title.

Enter the 2019 Season. The Chiefs were fueled by a hate-fire that started in the evening hours of January 20th, 2019…and would not be extinguished (yes, this is predictive) until roughly 9pm on February 2nd, 2020. They played like a team who was looking ahead, they lost games they had no business losing (Colts, Titans, Texans and for the love of God a 7-point nail-biter to the Green Bay Packers with half of their Defense/O-Line out and Matt Freakin’ Moore at QB)…yet they persevered…eyes on the prize…one prize…a Super Bowl. The Chiefs 2019 Regular and Post-Season focus? Stay healthy, don’t show too much, keep the powder and emotions dry…be ready for “the moment”, the only one that matters…Miami.

This Chiefs Team is confident and has the swagger of a Champion. To a fan, it can be frustrating, even lackadaisical at times, but ultimately…when it matters…down 24-0 in a playoff game…these Chiefs come through with authority.

Fast forward to right now. The Chiefs are healthy, as healthy as they have been all year. They are hungry, starving to begin a new dynasty for a blue-blood NFL franchise that has lingered in the shadows far too long. They are ready.

So enough on the Chiefs…let’s talk about their opponent. I grew up rooting for the 49ers, I really have nothing against them other than moving to Kansas City and becoming a Chiefs fan over the last 10 years. They have a great story to tell…Shanahan and Lynch have done a fantastic job drafting young talent and building veteran leadership around them. But when I look at San Francisco this year, here is what I see (and it hasn’t changed since week 1): 3rd in the NFC West at 4-12 in 2018 gives you a really favorable 2019 schedule against other 3rd place teams (Panthers, Packers and Redskins). AFC North opponents: Bengals, Steelers, Browns? Yikes. NFC South: Falcons, Saints, Panthers? Good win against the Saints, bad loss to the Falcons. And then we get to the NFC West…what used to be a juggernaut of a Division is living as a ghost of past glory. The Rams are a talented disaster, the Cardinals are who we always knew they were (a 5-10-1 “meh”) and the Seahawks…oh the Seahawks. The Seahawks are who Russell Wilson says they are week to week. Always hanging, scrapping, clinging and somehow making it to the Divisional Round each year (but never truly a threat to anymore). The 2019 San Francisco 49ers are a product of playing inspired (yet overlooked by everyone) football against a weak schedule. Don’t be mistaken, the NFC Championship Game Packers are the exact same trash that they were in Week 12, no adjustment whatsoever.

Did the Chiefs lose to those same Packers? Yes. Were they anywhere near full strength offensively, defensively or emotionally? Not even close.

This brings us to Sunday. The Chiefs will be truly focused for the first time all season, at full strength for the first time all season…and fully “in-the-moment” for the first time all season. 

Will the following happen? Probably not. But take a brief journey with me and imagine…

The 49ers win the toss and elect to go on defense first. The kickoff…a touchback, duh. 1st & 10 from the 25 and the Chiefs come out in a tight bunch formation. With 10 seconds left on the play-clock Mahomes barks out signals and all of a sudden the Chiefs flex into 4-wide…Mecole Hardman and Tyreek Hill streak out to opposite sidelines, Travis Kelce and Sammy Watkins move into the slots and a fully-rested Shady McCoy stands next to Mahomes in the shotgun. The 49ers defense scrambles in multiple directions…clearly confused. 4…3…2… the ball is snapped. Hill and Hardman streak straight down the sidelines, taking both corners and safeties with them. Watkins hits 15 yards straight ahead and then bursts towards the middle of the field, sucking 2 linebackers with him. Kelce drags 10 yards across the middle taking another linebacker with him. Mahomes drops an additional 5 yards after receiving the snap…looking deep…waiting…waiting. The 49ers 4-man pass rush does it’s job, breaking through the Chiefs line with ease.

Just when it’s going to be a “lights-out” sack on the first play of the game, Mahomes gently lofts the ball over the fearsome 49ers pass rush, to a patiently waiting Shady McCoy…my God…a Screen! With a full line of massive Chiefs in front of him, Shady weaves ahead 50 yards to the 49ers 25-yard line before tripping over himself (like he always does). 1st & 10. Shanahan looks across the field at Andy Reid in disbelief. Andy looks back, give him the “Suck it” sign, and calls his next play.

Chiefs 41
49ers 17

A new dynasty begins…
– Tommy Nuggets

The Post-Apocalyptic Super Bowl Nightmare-Fuel Doomsday-Scenario That We Are Facing

Imagine if you will – the scariest Super Bowl imaginable.

In the clip above, Owen Wilson is describing an armageddon-inducing meteor. To me – he may as well be describing a Texans vs Packers Super Bowl. With eight teams left in the 2020 NFL playoffs, this is becoming a realistic possibility. We can’t let this happen. I won’t let this happen.

Picture this – Green Bay Packers vs Houston Texans – Super Bowl 54 – Miami – Joe Buck – Troy Aikman – JJ Watt and Aaron Rodgers, mic’d up. Dear God.

I simply refuse to go through two weeks of these two teams at the center of the media spotlight come Super Bowl time. What can we do about this? How do we stop this from happening?

This weekend, I am all in on the Chiefs against the Texans.

And…gulp…I never thought I would say this…let’s hope the Seahawks can take down the Packers.

It is up to Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes to stop an Armageddon from happening.

– Buzz

The Portland Metro Area Gets Decent NFL Games: Week 17

Last week was officially graded as an “ASS” week for NFL on TV in the Portland-Metro Area. Will this final week be any different? Let’s find out.

Merry Christmas – enjoy this low effort blog post. Here are some things to look out for in the games above:

  • The Packers are jockeying for a first round bye against the Lions.
  • If the Chiefs beat the Chargers, and the Patriots lose to the Dolphins – the Chiefs get a first round bye.
  • The Cowboys need to beat the Redskins and have the Eagles lose to the Giants in order to win the NFC East.
  • The Titans clinch a playoff birth with a win over the Texans. If the Texans win and the Chiefs lose – the Texans move up to the #3 seed.
  • If the 49ers beat the Seahawks, they secure the #1 seed in the NFC. If the Seahawks win – they win the NFC West. The Seahawks would need the Packers to lose to get a first round bye. If the Saints and the Packers lose they get the #1 seed.

This is a “decent” NFL schedule for the Portland-Metro area this week.

– Buzz


Big time botch job here.

I forgot about the Saturday slate of NFL games. Thanks to my brother for reminding me.

Unfortunately for me – I am too much of a peasant to have NFL Network. Youtube TV doesn’t carry it. I’m too poor for cable. With that in mind – this is still an “ASS” week of NFL action.

– Buzz

The Portland Metro Area Gets ASS NFL Games: Week 16

I made a huge mistake last week. I was naive enough to believe that we would actually get the Cowboys-Rams game on TV in the Portland area. Without any heads up – the game was switched to 49ers-Falcons. I really wish FOX had let me know ahead of time, I apologize for the miscue on my end.

Last week was officially graded as an “OK” week for NFL on TV in the Portland-Metro Area. Will this week be any different? Let’s find out.

I am not even going to go into individual game breakdowns this week. This is a prime example of why living in the Seattle Seahawks TV area is trash. The Cowboys and Eagles are playing for the division title Sunday afternoon – yet we get the god damn Seahawks-Cardinals game.

What is the point of flex scheduling for Sunday Night Football if they can’t even get the most important game on the air?

This is an “ASS” NFL schedule for the Portland-Metro area this week.

– Buzz

The Portland Metro Area Gets OK NFL Games: Week 15

Last week was officially graded as a “superb” week for NFL on TV in the Portland-Metro Area. Will this week be any different? Let’s find out.

Here is what we have coming up for Week 15:

Ravens @ Jets

How many touchdowns will Lamar Jackson have against the Jets? 4? 5? 6?

The Ravens should destroy the Jets on Thursday night. This is the last Thursday night game of the year – too bad it isn’t a marquee matchup.

Seahawks @ Panthers

I am torn between not wanting to watch the Seahawks and wanting to watch Christian McCaffrey. This is also the only game on in the morning…

Vikings @ Chargers

Kirk Cousins and Philly Rivers? I can’t watch this…or can I?

Rams @ Cowboys

If the Cowboys can come away from this game with a loss they will be able to keep their division lead in the NFC East.

Bills @ Steelers

Why would this game get flexed to Sunday night!? Much better options out there.

Colts @ Saints

Taysom Hill falls into my “Lamar Jackson players I must watch play” category. Go Colts though.

We have ourselves an OK week of NFL action in the Portland Metro Area. The Cowboys are on TV, and we get to watch Lamar Jackson and Taysom Hill.

– Buzz

The Portland Metro Area Gets Superb NFL Games: Week 14

Last week was officially graded as a “great” week for NFL on TV in the Portland-Metro Area. Will this week be any different? Let’s find out.

Here is what we have coming up for Week 14:

Cowboys @ Bears

Big game for the Cowboys – kind of. The NFC East is more like the NFC LEAST, but the Cowboys are still in position to host a playoff game.

Ravens @ Bills

This is a good game?

49ers @ Saints

Huge game for both teams.

Chiefs @ Patriots

Huge game for the Chiefs. Hopefully they can beat the Pats while they are down. I want to see another AFC team with the #1 seed in the playoffs.

Seahawks @ Rams

The Rams are creeping up on a playoff spot, while the Seahawks are fighting for the #1 seed.

Giants @ Eagles

Go Giants! Help the Cowboys secure the NFC East crown.

We have ourselves a superb week of NFL action in the Portland Metro Area. Only one game is gross, and it still has playoff implications for the Cowboys.

– Buzz

The Portland Metro Area Gets Great NFL Games: Week 13 (THANKSGIVING EDITION)

Last week was officially graded as an “Amazing” week for NFL on TV in the Portland-Metro Area. Will this week be any different? Let’s find out.

Here is what we have coming up for Week 13:

There are way too many games on the slate to analyze. This is a great week for watching football. The one terrible game this week, Browns @ Steelers, is balanced out by a fantastic game in the same time slot – 49ers @ Ravens.

Not much to complain about! Happy Thanksgiving!

– Buzz

The Portland Metro Area Gets AMAZING NFL Games: Week 12

Last week was officially graded as an “Boring” week for NFL on TV in the Portland-Metro Area. Will this week be any different? Let’s find out.

Here is what we have coming up for Week 12:

Let’s take a deeper dive into what is on TV this week:

Thursday Night

Colts @ Texans

This game is intriguing. The winner will take sole possession of the AFC South.

FOX Early

Seahawks @ Eagles

MY SEATTLE SEAHAWKS need to come up big and beat the Eagles on the road. Let’s build the lead in the NFC East for America’s team.

CBS Late

Jaguars @ Titans

If this game is a Color Rush matchup I am all in. If it isn’t, then why is it on TV?

FOX Late

Cowboys @ Patriots

The best coach and the best quarterback in the NFL will take on Bill Belichick and Tom Brady in New England.

Sunday Night

Packers @ 49ers

The top two teams in the NFC face off in a game where they will talk about Aaron Rodgers non-stop. Should be a fun game to watch as long as you mute your TV.

Monday Night

Ravens @ Rams

Lamar Jackson – the GOAT – in primetime? Hell yes.


This is an “AMAZING” week for NFL action in Portland. We have a watchable game in every time slot. Should be a glorious weekend.

– Buzz

The Portland Metro Area Gets Boring NFL Games: Week 11

Last week was officially graded as an “Alright” week for NFL on TV in the Portland-Metro Area. Will this week be any different? Let’s find out.

Here is what we have coming up for Week 11:

Let’s take a deeper dive into what is on TV this week:

Thursday Night

Steelers @ Browns

Gross. No thanks.

CBS Early

Texans @ Ravens

Lamar Jackson is the best player in the NFL. I’m excited to see what he can do against the Texans.

Fox Late

Cardinals @ 49ers

This is fine, I guess. The Cardinals have Kyler, I might have this game on in the background.

CBS Late

Patriots @ Eagles

This is a solid game and a rematch of Super Bowl-whatever. I need the Pats to win to keep the Cowboys in the division lead.

Sunday Night

Bears @ Rams

Boring. The Rams are old news and the Bears are trash.

Monday Night

Chiefs @ Chargers

The Chiefs are fun to watch, the Chargers are not.


This is a “boring” week for NFL action in Portland. Anyone have anything fun going on this Sunday?

– Buzz