The Gambler’s Guide To Football 10/17-10/21

A new week deserves a new approach. It is always darkest before the dawn. Tomorrow, tomorrow, there’s always tomorrow. Tomorrow is a new day.

Without further ado – it is time to go down the rabbit hole and look ahead at this week in football.


On the season – I am down a significant amount, 33.81 units. I have a 61-90-2 record, which amounts to a 40.4% win rate.

I need a new approach. In the past I have thrown out endless picks, hoping more would be winners than not. Obviously, that was stupid. I enter the week with a new approach – I will only pick games in which I have some idea of what is going on.

Overall, I have no idea what I am doing. Anyways – here are my picks for the upcoming weekend in sports:

College Football

So far this season – I have a 28-36-1 record with college football. Last weekend I was 8-16 – sheesh.

Florida -6 @ South Carolina

  • The Gators are coming off a close loss on the road at LSU. The Gamecocks are coming off a huge win on the road at Georgia. Florida will be looking to bounce back and have a statement game – the Gamecocks will still be riding high from last week – they will be unprepared for the Gators.

Wisconsin -31 @ Illinois

  • Wisconsin is absolutely dominating lesser competition this year. I think they beat Illinois by at least 6 touchdowns.


Indiana @ Maryland +6

  • Indiana is still Indiana. Maryland has shown signs of a solid offense – and they have cool uniforms.

LSU -18 @ Mississippi State

  • The LSU offense has been unstoppable this year. Mississippi State didn’t show up against Tennessee last week – they have no shot against LSU.

Kentucky @ Georgia -25

  • The Georgia Bulldogs will bounce back in a big way following their surprising loss to South Carolina. I think they are head and shoulders above Kentucky.

Tulane +4.5 @ Memphis

  • Two 5-1 teams battle it out in this one. Tulane has been impressive so far this year – and they have great looking uniforms. I am taking Tulane and the points in this one.


I am 29-45-1 in NFL action this year. That is very bad. I feel like this may be the hardest sport to bet on.

Kansas City -3 @ Denver

  • The Chiefs are coming off of a loss and a short week. I think they are ready to come out of their brief slump – Mahomes will be slingin’ the ball in this game.

San Francisco -10 @ Washington

  • The 49ers have looked solid so far this season. The Redskins continue to be a dumpster fire – I have the 49ers winning by two TDs on the road in this one.

Philadelphia +3 @ Dallas

  • The Cowboys have been in quite the slump – I think they continue to fall this week. The spotlight of Sunday Night Football and the points makes me want to go with the Eagles.

New England -10 @ New York Jets

  • The Jets looked good last week, but the Patriots are the Patriots.

Wrap Up

I don’t want to make any guarantees, but I think we are looking at a 10-0 week here. I would never tell anyone what to do with their money, however

– Buzz

The Gambler’s Guide To Football 10/9-10/14

I may be the worst gambler in the history of gambling. I currently have a 31-48-1 record. I am down nearly 20 units. If you want to win any money, you need to fade me. Do not follow my advice.


  • My first week of betting went fine. I only bet on NFL games. I went 8-6-1.
  • My second week was terrible. I went 9-21 on NFL and College games that week.
  • My third week was also awful – as I expanded into my fourth sport, soccer. I went 14-21 last weekend.
  • You all can read a graph – this is not looking good.

Overall, I have no idea what I am doing. Anyways – here are my picks for the upcoming weekend in sports:

College Football

So far this season – I have a 20-20-1 record with college football. This is my best sport, and I am still down a few units. Let’s get into the positive this week.

Appalachian State +2 @ Louisiana Lafayette

Virginia +2.5 @ Miami

Colorado +21 @ Oregon

Oklahoma @ Texas +11

Michigan -22.5 @ Illinois

Maryland @ Purdue +3

South Carolina @ Georgia -24.5

Memphis -6 @ Temple

Georgia Tech +17.5 @ Duke

Florida State +27 @ Clemson

Cincinnati -7.5 @ Houston

Washington State PK @ ASU

Alabama -16.5 @ Texas A&M

Michigan State @ Wisconsin -10.5

Iowa State @ West Virginia +10.5

Texas Tech @ Baylor -11

Army -5 @ Western Kentucky

Louisville @ Wake Forest -6.5

Penn State -3.5 @ Iowa

Nebraska +7.5 @ Minnesota

USC +11 @ Notre Dame

Florida +13.5 @ LSU

Hawaii +12 @ Boise State

Washington @ Arizona +6


I am 24-36-1 in NFL action this year. Yikes.

New York Giants @ New England -17

Carolina @ Tampa Bay +2.5

Houston @ Kansas City -5

Seattle -1.5 @ Cleveland

Cincinnati @ Baltimore -11.5

New Orleans +1 @ Jacksonville

Philadelphia +3 @ Minnesota

Washington -3.5 @ Miami

San Francisco +3 @ Los Angeles Rams

Atlanta -2.5 @ Arizona

Dallas -7.5 @ New York Jets

Tennessee +2 @ Denver

Pittsburgh @ Los Angeles Chargers -7

Detroit +4.5 @ Green Bay


I am 4-9 in Fútbol this year.

Barcelona -1.25 @ EIB

West Ham United @ Everton -0.5

Bayern Munich -2.25 @ AUG

Newcastle @ Chelsea -1.5

Burnley @ Leicester -1

Watford @ Tottenham -1.25

Valencia @ Atletico Madrid -0.75

MGB +1.25 @ Borussia Dortmund

Bologna @ Juventus -1.5

Real Madrid -1.25 @ MRC

Dallas @ Seattle -0.75

Portland +0.25 @ Real Salt Lake

Inter Milan -0.75 @ SAS

Liverpool -0.75 @ Manchester United

Los Angeles Galaxy +0.5 @ Minnesota


Wrap Up

Good luck out there. Remember – you’ve got to spend money to make money.

– Buzz

The Gambler’s Guide To Football 10/3-10/7

I may be the worst gambler in the history of gambling. I currently have a 31-48-1 record. I am down nearly 20 units. If you want to win any money, you need to fade me. Do not follow my advice.


  • My first week of betting went fine. I only bet on NFL games. I went 8-6-1.
  • My second week was terrible. I went 9-21 on NFL and College games that week.
  • My third week was also awful – as I expanded into my fourth sport, soccer. I went 14-21 last weekend.

Overall, I have no idea what I am doing. Anyways – here are my picks for the upcoming weekend in sports:

College Football

So far this season – I have an 11-15 record with college football. I think that I can dig myself out of this hole in this specific sport with a good week.

UCF -4 @ Cincinnati

Maryland -12.5 @ Rutgers

Purdue +28 @ Penn State

Iowa +3.5 @ Michigan

Kent State @ Wisconsin -36.5

Oklahoma -33 @ Kansas

Boston College +6 @ Louisville

Texas – 10.5 @ West Virginia

Auburn @ Florida +3

Baylor +1 @ Kansas State

Virginia Tech @ Miami -14

Georgia -24.5 @ Tennessee

Cal +18 @ Oregon

Oregon State @ UCLA -6

Boise State -22.5 @ UNLV


I am 17-28-1 in NFL action this year. I need a perfect week.

Philadelphia @ Green Bay -4.5

Los Angeles Rams +1.5 @ Seattle

Buffalo +3 @ Tennessee

Atlanta +5 @ Houston

Baltimore -3.5 @ Pittsburgh

New England -15.5 @ Washington

Jacksonville +3.5 @ Carolina

Arizona +3 @ Cincinnati

Tampa Bay +3.5 @ New Orleans

Chicago @ Oakland +5.5

New York Jets @ Philadelphia -14

Minnesota @ New York Giants +5.5

Denver @ Los Angeles Chargers -6.5

Green Bay @ Dallas -3.5

Indianapolis +11 @ Kansas City

Cleveland +3.5 @ San Francisco


I am 3-5 in Fútbol this year.

Tottenham -0.5 @ Brighton & Hove Albion

Borussia Dortmund -1 @ Freiburg

Wolverhampton @ Manchester City -2.25

Chelsea -0.5 @ Southampton

Manchester United -0.5 @ Newcastle

Wrap Up

Good luck.

– Buzz

The Gambler’s Guide To Football 9/25-9/30

I started out hot during my first week. My record was 8-6-1. I didn’t make much money, but I made some.

Since then – I have been on a horrific losing skid.

This weekend, I am betting on three kinds of football. We have college football, professional football, and fútbol.

College Football

Texas Tech +27 @ Oklahoma

Northwestern +23.5 @ Wisconsin

Ole Miss +37.5 @ Alabama

Clemson -26.5 @ North Carolina

USC +9.5 @ Washington

Virginia @ Notre Dame -12.5

Towson @ Florida -35.5

Mississippi State +10.5 @ Auburn

Stanford -4 @ Oregon State

UConn +43 @ UCF

Ohio State -17.5 @ Nebraska

Washington State +5 @ Utah


Philadelphia @ Green Bay -4.5

Cleveland @ Baltimore -7

Carolina @ Houston -4

Kansas City -6.5 @ Detroit

New England -7 @ Buffalo

Oakland @ Indianapolis -7

Los Angeles Chargers -16.5 @ Miami

Tennessee @ Atlanta -4

Washington +3 @ New York Giants

Tampa Bay +10 @ Los Angeles Rams

Seattle -5 @ Arizona

Minnesota @ Chicago -2.5

Jacksonville +3 @ Denver

Dallas -2.5 @ New Orleans

Cincinnati +4 @ Pittsburgh


Liverpool -1.5 @ Sheffield United

Bayern Munich -2.5 @ Paderborn SC 07

Brighton & Hove Albion @ Chelsea -1.5

Southhampton @ Tottenham – 1.25

Watford +0.5 @ Wolverhampton

Warner Bremen @ Borussia Dortmund -1.75

Real Madrid +0.25 @ Atletico Madrid

Wrap Up

All of these picks were based on my first gut reaction. However, if you want to make money this weekend – trust my gut.

– Buzz

The Gambler’s Guide To NFL Week 3

Denver @ Green Bay

Green Bay -8


The Broncos are not a good team. A Joe Flacco led Broncos offense is not going to keep up with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

Atlanta @ Indianapolis

Atlanta +2


The Falcons will keep on rolling after an impressive win against the Eagles last week. They are road-dogs, but it is still an indoor stadium.

Baltimore @ Kansas City

Kansas City -6.5


Both teams have shown that they have explosive offenses this season. I am hoping for a Big 12 style shootout. I think the Chiefs win by at least a touchdown.

Cincinnati @ Buffalo

Buffalo -6


The Bengals looked awful. They are going to start to tank for a QB.

New York Jets @ New England

New England -22.5


The Patriots have way too many weapons for this to be a competitive game. I think that 22.5 is a lot of points to give, but they will still win by 30+.

Detroit @ Philadelphia

Detroit +7


Detroit is better than people give them credit for and Philadelphia is worse than people give them credit for. Lions and the points baby.

Oakland @ Minnesota

Oakland +8.5


I will never trust a Kirk Cousins led offense to beat anyone by more than a touchdown.

Miami @ Dallas

Dallas -21.5


Dak has still not signed an extension – the Cowboys will continue to sling the ball around.

New York Giants @ Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay -6.5


The Giants are starting a rookie QB. The Buccaneers are going to roll in this one.

Carolina @ Arizona

Arizona +2.5


I think that the Panthers are not a good team. Arizona has had some time with their rookie QB, I think they have their coming out party against the Panthers.

Pittsburgh @ San Francisco

San Francisco -6.5


The Steelers are done and the 49ers just destroyed another AFC North team.

Houston @ Los Angeles Chargers

Houston +3


The Chargers have not impressed me yet this season. I think the Texans are a good team and will come away with the win.

New Orleans @ Seattle

Seattle -4.5


This is easy. I’ll take Seattle over a New Orleans team without Brees. I do not think Bridgewater is a good QB and I am curious to see how much Hill plays at QB.

Los Angeles Rams @ Cleveland

Cleveland +3


The Cleveland offense has to eventually show up. This is a big game for them – on primetime again – I think they take this one.

Chicago @ Washington

Washington +4


Gross game. The Beers look awful.

– Buzz

The Gambler’s Guide To College Football Week 3

If you followed The Gambler’s Guide To The NFL Week 2, you would have made some money. I was not horribly profitable, but you would have come away with something.

This week I am taking a stab at some college football action, here are my picks:

Houston @ Tulane

Houston +3.5


Houston is coming off of a close loss to a very good Washington State team. Tulane beat up on Missouri State. I think Houston is the better team, and getting 3.5 points makes this an easy bet for me.

Utah @ USC

Utah -3.5


Utah beat BYU by 18, who beat USC by 3 points. Math tells me that Utah will beat USC by 21 – so they easily cover 3.5 in this game.

Air Force @ Boise State

Air Force +8


Boise State is a good team, but they have only beat Florida State and Marshall by a combined 11 points. I think 8 points is a lot to give to an Air Force team coming off of a solid victory over Colorado.

Michigan @ Wisconsin

Michigan +3


Michigan is not as great as everyone thought they would be coming into this season. Wisconsin is Wisconsin. I do not know who wins, but Michigan +3 is hard to pass up.

Washington @ BYU

BYU +6.5


After losing their season opener, BYU is coming off of back to back OT wins. I think Washington is the better team, but BYU keeps it close.

Auburn @ Texas A&M

Auburn +4


Texas A&M has played one competitive team this season, Clemson, and lost by double digits. Other than that – they blew out Lamar and Texas State. Auburn has the lone impressive win between the two – over Oregon. Even though Auburn is on the road, I’m taking them and the points.

LSU @ Vanderbilt

LSU -23.5


Joeeeee Burrow.

UCF @ Pitt

UCF -11


UCF beat up on Stanford last week. I think they do the same against Pitt.

Charlotte @ Clemson

Clemson -41


Clemson has to win by at least 6 touchdowns, right?

West Virginia @ Kansas

Kansas +4.5


Both of these teams are unpredictable. I have to go with Kansas and the +4.5.

Kentucky @ Mississippi

Kentucky +7.5


Is this actually what the line was at? This seems too good to be true. I think Kentucky looked good against Florida last week. I think they win this straight up. This is easy money. (Everything that I wrote means that Ole Miss will probably blow out Kentucky now)

Oregon @ Stanford

Stanford +9


Stanford will bounce back after a rough road loss to UCF. They always play spoiler to the Ducks season. I think the Cardinal easily keep this within nine points – and possibly take home the W.

Southern Miss @ Alabama

Alabama -39


Alabama is too good. They easily win this by six touchdowns. I think they will be up by at least 39 by the end of the first half.

Notre Dame @ Georgia

Notre Dame +13.5


I think that Georgia is worse than their ranking, and Notre Dame is better than their ranking. To me, this seems like an even matchup. Notre Dame easily covers as almost 2 TD dogs.

– Buzz

The Gambler’s Guide To NFL Week 2

New England @ Miami

Miami +18.5


The Dolphins looked like the worst team in football last week – because they are. However, they always play the Pats tough early in the season at home. I think that 18.5 is too many points to give, I am going with the Dolphins.

San Francisco @ Cincinnati

Cincinnati PK


I think this means that I am taking the Bengals straight up over the 49ers. I have no reason for this – just had to make a pick.

Buffalo @ New York Giants

New York +2


The Giants looked awful last week against the Cowboys. However, they are playing the Bills this week at home. The Bills are not the Cowboys. I can’t see the Giants losing at home to the Bills, especially while getting two points.

Jacksonville @ Houston

Houston -7.5


I am all in on Gardner Minshew II, and I hope I am wrong about this pick. The Texans looked pretty solid last week against a very good Saints team. Even thought they lost, I loved the way Watson threw the ball. He has a ton of weapons, and I see this team rolling against the Jags at home.

Arizona @ Baltimore

Arizona +13


The Ravens rolled last week against a lousy Dolphins team. I think that they stumble a little bit at home, but still come away with the win. The Cardinals are getting thirteen points, I think Kyler settles down a bit this week and they easily cover the spread.

Seattle @ Pittsburgh

Seattle +3.5


As I mentioned earlier this week, I can’t think of a game that I would like to watch less. If I am being honest, with the Steelers hosting the Seahawks, I am rooting for Bane to show up.

If that doesn’t happen – the Steelers looked terrible last week, I am taking Seattle and the points.

Minnesota @ Green Bay

Green Bay -2.5


In a battle of boring white quarterbacks, I am taking the Packers at home. I think they win by more than 2.5.

Dallas @ Washington

Dallas -5.5


Dak is playing for a huge contract – he hasn’t signed yet so he is going to continue to perform. The Cowboys are going to air it out again and fly by the Redskins at home.

Indianapolis @ Tennessee

Tennessee -3


Tennessee looked great last week, I think they continue to roll against the Colts. Indianapolis is coming off of an exhausting overtime loss on the road in Los Angeles – I think they are slow to get started today.

Los Angeles Chargers @ Detroit

Detroit +1.5


The Chargers had a great overtime win at home to open the season, and the Lions did the same thing on the road. My gut tells me that the Lions should be getting more points against a far superior Chargers team. With that in mind, I am going against my gut and taking the Lions +1.5.

Kansas City @ Oakland

Kansas City -7


The Raiders are not a great team. I think last week was their Super Bowl after all of the Antonio Brown drama. There is no way Derek Carr and the Raider’s offense can keep up with the Chiefs, even at home.

New Orleans @ Los Angeles Rams

New Orleans +2


The Saints are out for blood this week, and the Rams looked sloppy against the Panthers. I think the Saints will win straight up – so this is an easy decision to take them +2.

Chicago @ Denver

Denver +2


The Jay Cutler bowl. Both teams looked pretty bad in Week 1. I do not think the Bears will be as good as they were last year, so I am taking the Broncos +2 at home.

Philedelphia @ Atlanta

Atlanta +1


This is a pretty even matchup. The Falcons got beat up by the Vikings last week, and the Eagles beat a bad Redskins team. I see Atlanta bouncing back at home, I am going with the Falcons +1.

Cleveland @ New York Jets

Cleveland -6.5


If the Browns do not win this game – it will be a long week for them. This is their first primetime game with OBJ. I think the offense shows up and they roll against a Jets team that doesn’t have Sam Darnold.

– Buzz