The Post-Apocalyptic Super Bowl Nightmare-Fuel Doomsday-Scenario That We Are Facing

Imagine if you will – the scariest Super Bowl imaginable.

In the clip above, Owen Wilson is describing an armageddon-inducing meteor. To me – he may as well be describing a Texans vs Packers Super Bowl. With eight teams left in the 2020 NFL playoffs, this is becoming a realistic possibility. We can’t let this happen. I won’t let this happen.

Picture this – Green Bay Packers vs Houston Texans – Super Bowl 54 – Miami – Joe Buck – Troy Aikman – JJ Watt and Aaron Rodgers, mic’d up. Dear God.

I simply refuse to go through two weeks of these two teams at the center of the media spotlight come Super Bowl time. What can we do about this? How do we stop this from happening?

This weekend, I am all in on the Chiefs against the Texans.

And…gulp…I never thought I would say this…let’s hope the Seahawks can take down the Packers.

It is up to Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes to stop an Armageddon from happening.

– Buzz

MLB Playoffs 2019: The Definitive Prediction Special Edition Exclusive

Playoff baseball starts tomorrow. The last few months of the season have been quite a lull for me. Following my roadtrip – the Giants stopped playing competitive baseball and fell out of contention. The organization has been milking the Bochy retirement for all it is worth – and now our season is over.

Just because the Giants season is over does not mean that baseball is done. We have finally made it to the playoffs. The time of the year when we get to see the best teams square off. Also, the time of the year when Mike Trout starts his vacation – because he is never in the playoffs. If he was really that good, wouldn’t the Angels be perennial contenders? That is a post for another day.

Here we go – my thoughts on each series, and who I think will win the 2019 World Series.

Wildcard Round

Brewers @ Nationals

We have Brandon Woodruff facing Max Scherzer on the mound. I am not sure if I really need to write more about this. Scherzer is one of the best pitchers in the game, who else would you rather have on the mound in a win or go home situation? (Madison Bumgarner/Justin Verlander)

Nats win.

Rays @ Athletics

This is an interesting game. These are two teams I pull for year in and year out. Small budget teams able to put together consistent playoff seasons. It is really too bad that they are playing in a wildcard game. I think that playing in Oakland will be a huge advantage in this one. The fans will be electric. Marcus Semien is also one of the most underrated players in the game.

Athletics win.

Division Series

Twins @ Yankees

Two teams that hit over 300 homeruns! Can either team pitch though? The Twins are 0-5 in the playoffs against the Yankees. I think this is the year they end that streak.

Twins in 5.

Cardinals @ Braves

This is the most interesting series for me. I love both of these offenses. I think that the Cardinals have greatly underachieved this year – they have a solid mix of veteran and young bats throughout their lineup. I have been waiting for Goldschmidt to go off this season – I think that him and DeJong have a great series. The Braves have a similar mix of their own on offense, and are even more explosive with Freeman, Acuña, and Donaldson. The difference in this series is going to be the pitching – something tells me that the young arms for the Cardinals will show up – especially with Yadi behind the plate.

Cardinals in 4.

Athletics @ Astros

The Astros should sweep the Athletics. I do not see the A’s being able to take down Verlander, Cole or Greinke. Especially after burning their own ace in the Wildcard round.

Astros in 3.

Nationals @ Dodgers

The Dodgers have the experience, the pitching, the bats, the everything. The Nationals never live up to their ridiculous expectations. I give the edge to the Dodgers, especially with Scherzer not throwing game 1 for the Nats.

Dodgers in 4.

Championship Series

Twins @ Astros

The Astros are a complete baseball team, the Twins are still a few years away. The Twins will come back to earth after a big series win over the Yankees, The Astros will keep chugging along on their way to the World Series.

Astros in 5.

Cardinals @ Dodgers

The Dodgers have a better offense and a better pitching staff. I think the trio of Kershaw, Ryu, and Buehler will be hard to get past. The Cardinals are relying on a couple of young arms that are not quite experienced enough to get them over the hump.

Dodgers in 5.

World Series

Dodgers @ Astros

Oh man. A rematch of the 2017 World Series. The Dodgers will be returning for their third straight appearance, and playing to win their first title since 1988. So will this year be any different than the last two years?

Yes. I think this is where the Dodgers get over the hump. Why? They have to. This is their chance to avoid being Baseball’s Buffalo Bills. Clayton Kershaw will have an electric series and finally put to bed all of his questionable appearances in the postseason.

Dodgers in 6.

Wrap Up

For entertainment purposes – I truly hope I am wrong with my predictions. I would love a Rays vs Brewers World Series, or Braves vs Athletics World Series. I am rooting for new story lines to come out of the playoffs this year and for new stars to be born.

Who do you think will end their 2019 season in a parade?

– Buzz

College Football Overhaul: Conference Realignment – Version 2.5

This is my second attempt at fixing college football. There have been a few subtle changes – but the general idea is the same. If you want to read in depth about Version 1.0, follow the link.

Version 1.0

Version 2.0


  • Missouri and Nebraska have moved from the Pac 18 to the Big 18.
  • Oklahoma and Oklahoma State moved from the Big 18 to the Pac 18.
  • LSU, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State are now in the Big 18: Greater Texas.
  • Arkansas, Nebraska, and Missouri are now in the Big 18: Mississippi River.

This looks significantly better at first glance. The Mississippi River division of the Big 18 was awkward in Version 1.0. Now it is split into what is essentially North and South. The biggest issue I have with this is that Oklahoma and Texas are no longer in the same conference. However, they are now set up to meet in the National Semi-Final if everything pans out – so I like that angle. The addition of Oklahoma evens out the divisional powers in the Pac 18 too.

Version 2.5


  • The River Valley Conference is now the Northeast Conference.
  • River Valley: Great Lakes is now called Northeast: River Valley.
  • River Valley: Northeast is now called Northeast: Coastal.
  • Louisville and Kentucky move from the ACC: Mideast to the Northeast: River Valley division.
  • Virginia and Virginia Tech move from the River Valley: Great Lakes to the ACC: Mideast.

The East Coast is a lot more visually appealing now. The divisions make a little more sense, and look less awkward. You never really think about Louisville and Kentucky as being close to all of the Big Ten schools until you look at a map – I think this works well.

Wrap Up

Looking at the map now, I’d like to find a way to strengthen the Northeast: Coastal division. What other changes would you like to see? What teams are still being left out?

– Buzz

College Football Overhaul: Conference Realignment

I love college football. Even with the many flaws that are within the game – it remains one of the most entertaining forms of content in the world. I got bored the other day and decided to see what I could do about making the season more meaningful and entertaining for me. Everyone thinks they can fix college football – so this is what I think would work.

With this map I have the sport moving to four conferences with 18 teams, 72 teams total in Division 1.

Each conference would have two divisions with nine teams. To help build the schedule – each team plays a game against those within their division. That’s 8 games. Teams get to 12 games by playing four of the teams in the other division within their conference. There would be no out of conference games.

Geography and traditional rivalries were heavily considered when I put this together. I respected state borders and kept in state teams in the same division.

Pac 18

When I started working on this map I started on the West Coast. The first version of this had Fresno State, Colorado State and Utah State included – but as I moved the map East I had to bump them out. The reality of the geographical college football landscape is that there are just a larger number of competitive teams on the East Coast. Therefore, I had to stretch the Pac 18 all the way to Missouri in order to make things work.

The Pac 18 Coastal has a traditional Pac 10 vibe to it. Boise State earns their way in with the Power 5 schools after proving year in and year out that they belong with the big dogs.

The Pac 18 Desert reminds me a bit of the old Big 12 – with Nebraska, Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri and Colorado joining the Arizona and Utah schools. BYU has to dump their conference independence – but fits in well in a division with their rival Utah.

Big 18

The Big 18 turned into a fun combination of many of today’s college football conferences. We have Big 12, Big Ten, AAC and SEC schools in this new conference.

The first thing I started with was finally placing all of the Texas schools in the same division. I then added in the two Oklahoma schools along with neighboring Arkansas to get to nine in the Greater Texas division.

The Mississippi River division was hard to put together. The name is from all of these schools coming from states that border the river. I wanted to keep in-state rivalries in tact – and it would be interesting to see the SEC schools going to play in-division games in the North late in the season.

River Valley

I am unsure about the name that I gave this conference – but all the schools are generally in the area of the Ohio River Valley.

The Great Lakes division has classic Big Ten vibes – and it finally pulls Notre Dame into a conference. I also included neighboring West Virginia and the two Virginia schools.

The Northeast division is probably the weakest of all from a football standpoint – but the strongest from a patriotic standpoint thanks to the two military academies.


The new ACC is a combination of SEC, ACC, and AAC schools. This is the strongest conference with Clemson, Alabama, and Georgia at the top.

The ACC: Southeast is the strongest division that I put together. You have SEC powers Alabama, Auburn, and Georgia joining the Florida schools. Georgia Tech is also there.

The ACC: Mideast is a strong baseball and basketball division – but the football is just OK. Clemson likely runs away with this division most years, but the battle for 2nd could be interesting. I had to bump Wake Forest out of this division to get it down to nine. For me, it did not make sense to have four schools coming from North Carolina – so the Demon Deacons got removed.


Playoffs would consist of 16 teams. The top two teams from each division make the playoffs. The top seed from one division would play the two seed from the opposite division. The winners would play for the conference championship.

The conference winners would get us to our college football playoff semi-final. The Pac 18 winner would play the Big 18 winner. The ACC winner would play the River Valley winner. The teams that win those National Semi-Finals would go on to play for the National Championship.

So you have 12 regular season games, a conference semi final, a conference final, a playoff semi final, and a national championship. That is a maximum of 16 games. Clemson played 15 games last year – not bad.

Wrap Up

After staring at this for a while it is really hard to if there is anything that I missed. Were any important or traditional schools left out that should have been included? Any ideas for better conference names? Is there a better way to draw this up? I’d love to hear any input and will update this if there are any big changes.

– Buzz