I Sat Behind Bernie Sanders At The Blazer Game On Sunday

My buddy took me to the Blazer game on Sunday night. I haven’t been to a game in a while – I am reluctantly becoming a basketball fan again. Overall. pretty fun and unbelievable night. Here is a recap of the events that unfolded:

The game turned out to be pretty entertaining. The Trailblazers beat the Hawks 124-113 in OT. Trae Young led all players in scoring on the night, and I have no idea how – he was unimpressive most of the night. The lone Atlanta Hawk that stood out to me was De’Andre Hunter – who nailed four three-pointers. The stars of the Blazers put up their numbers, but the difference in the game for me was Anfernee Simons. Big Anf (as I now refer to him) seemed to make an impact each time he was on the court.

The most unbelievable thing of the night was that Bernie Sanders sat right in front of me for the entire game (maybe). Nobody seemed to notice! I didn’t want to hound the guy, I just let him enjoy the game. He was there in his sweater (maybe) – super into the on court action. He even pointed at some guys. What a wild evening!

Photo courtesy of Buzz at Hefty Headlines.

I know that my photo is not completely conclusive – but I dare you to look at the back of that head and not think “oh, thats Bernie Sanders“.

– Buzz