Fixing The Franchise: The San Diego Padres – 2019 First Year Player Draft

Already boasting one of the best farm systems in all of baseball – we head into the draft looking to add to our abundance of top tier prospects. We have the 6th overall pick – and an additional pick in competitive balance round B.

Round 1

1st Pick – Baltimore Orioles

Art Johns221B5080Indiana

This is a bad pick for #1 overall. Art Johns has a high potential projection – but he is not scouted anywhere near elite across the board. For a first baseman to go this high, I would need to scout them with much higher hitting projections. Seeing that he is coming out of college I feel like he is just too old to ever live up to his potential.

2nd Pick – Kansas City Royals

Pierre Briggs19RP6080Canada

In my opinion, this is another reach at the top of the draft. Pierre Briggs projects to be a good relief pitcher – but let’s be real – why are they taking a reliever this high in the draft? Another prospect going without any elite projections at the top of the board.

3rd Pick – Chicago White Sox

Frank Forrest22CF5580Texas

We are three picks into the draft and already have our second player taken out of college. Frank Forrest is a fast CF from Texas – if he can develop as a hitter this might work out of the White Sox.

4th Pick – Miami Marlins

Mario Garlobo21SP6080Dominican Republic

Mario Garbolo is the first player taken that I would have considered with the #6 pick. He is already scouted with elite velocity – if he develops his control he could be a solid starter for the Marlins.

5th Pick – Detroit Tigers

Jason Padilla223B6080Venezuala

Four of the five first picks in this draft have been 21+ years old. Jason Padilla is a third baseman out of Venezuela that can swing the bat well. He has great vision at the plate and should develop some power in the next few years. This is a good pick for the Tigers.

6th Pick – San Diego Padres

Walter Shin19CF7080Taiwan

I am shocked to see Walter Shin still available at this point in the draft. We had him already scouted at 70 overall and with an elite overall projection. He is already a solid contact hitter and will develop to have above average power at the plate. He is very close to projecting as a true five-tool player (he is lacking arm strength).

As you can see – this turned out to be a great pick. Shin is already graded as a 74 overall talent. He is talented enough to find his way onto most major league rosters today. I am very pleased with his scores across the board.

Round 2

6th Pick – San Diego Padres

Ryan Casteneda19CF7075Venezuela

Although we were unable to fully scout Ryan Castanada, the report we got back was glowing. Although he is just 5’8″ our projections are very high on this Venezuelan prospect.

This is honestly a pretty good second round pick. I would have hoped for a higher potential score – however – he is a solid talent to add to the organization.

Competitive Balance Round B

4th Pick – San Diego Padres

Ken Willard20CP6080D.C.

This seems like a safe pick for the Comp B of the draft. We were able to fully scout Ken Willard, and he projects to be a solid closer down the road.

This is a good pick – although it would have been nice to snag an ‘A’ potential score here.

3rd Round

6th Pick – San Diego Padres

Ken Greer 19SS7580California

I am pretty disappointed in our scouting department. We have a local kid with crazy projections and nobody took the time to take a close look at him. With this high of a grade – despite the lack of scouting – I have to take Ken Greer here.

This is a steal for the 3rd round of the draft! Greer is already a 73 overall and has a B potential. We will give him some time in the minors to work on his hitting and then find a place for him on the big league squad.

4th Round

6th Pick – San Diego Padres

Rick Dawkins 19CF7070Dominican Republic

This is another player that we did not fully scout. What we do know looks good, and I feel like taking Rick Dawkins in the 4th round is a good decision.

This is interesting. He is currently one of the most talented players in the draft – but he may have already reached his potential. Time will tell if he will be a career AAAA player.

5th Round

6th Pick – San Diego Padres

Ryan Heath 19C7580Indiana

Ryan Heath is a player that I am willing to gamble on in the 5th round. If he comes anywhere close to his projections then this pick will be a steal.

Honestly, this is not a bad pick. He is already a talented hitter. He can use some work on his defense – but at the very least he will be a solid MLB back-up catcher.

6th round – lorne reyna

6th Round

6th Pick – San Diego Padres

Lorne Reyna 19SP6580Illinois

We were not able to fully scout Lorne Reyna – but he projects to be a solid starter down the road. This is the best option we have in the 6th round of the draft.

I am very happy to see us finally get a player with ‘A’ potential in this draft. Lorne Reyna becomes another in our crop of highly talented minor league arms.

Coming Up

We will play through June and July and make our way to the trade deadline. What do you think of this year’s draft? Who was the best pick in your opinion?

– Buzz