What If…College Football Playoff Scenarios

The College Football Playoff Committee had a pretty easy job when they announced the top four teams. It was obvious to everyone that LSU, Clemson, Ohio State and Oklahoma would be involved in some way. The only argument was – who gets the #1 seed. I believe they got the order right. Some – Tommy Nuggets – may cry about this for a while. However, LSU was the clear #1 team in the nation.

Obviously, everyone would love a much larger playoff picture. I decided to take a look at what games we could have if the playoff field were to expand.

To keep things consistent, I used the latest CFP rankings to determine seeding:

*Oklahoma State is #25 – it didn’t fit in the screenshot

Six Team Playoff

A six team playoff looks pretty nice. The top two seeds are rewarded with a bye in the opening round. Every Power 5 conference champion gets in, plus one at large team – Georgia. The one thing I do not like about this is that we could see another LSU-Georgia game.

If Georgia and Oregon were to swap places – this would be the ultimate playoff bracket for me. We would avoid another SEC rematch possibility until the championship game.

As it stands with the current format, teams can play an additional two games. This bracket sets up the possibility of a team playing three postseason games.

Eight Team Playoff

I like the opening round games we get in this bracket. Wisconsin comes in as a solid #8 seed, we would see if LSU is the real deal or if the Big 10 is legit. Clemson would get their first true test of the season against #6 Oregon. Ohio State would likely steamroll #7 Baylor to show how weak the Big 12 was this year.

Twelve Team Playoff

This is where things start to look messy. You have the possibility of teams playing an additional four postseason games with this bracket. We are also looking at a number of possible rematches – with Oregon and Utah immediately playing back-to-back games in the opening round. Georgia would play Auburn for a second time this season. Penn State would set up to play Ohio State again with a win – Florida would have a rematch against LSU with a win.

I would LOVE to watch a playoff like this, but many of the games are looking redundant.

For this to work they would need to have the ability to flex the seeding to avoid conference rematches in the opening round. If we swapped Auburn and Utah – we could get a rematch between Oregon and Auburn, along with an interesting Georgia and Utah game.

Sixteen Team Playoff

We get all of the same opening round games that we would get from the twelve team playoff. Rather than awarding a first round bye to the top four seeds, they would play against the 13th-16th ranked teams in the opening round.

This would buy us an interesting game with #13 Alabama against #4 Oklahoma – a game the Crimson Tide would likely win. #15 Notre Dame at #2 Ohio State would give us a classing matchup in the opening round.

The nice thing about this is, if you focus in on Oklahoma – they would have to prove they are for real against SEC competition before making it to the semifinal.

Thirty-Two Team Playoff

#26-#32 were based upon highest vote getters in the AP poll.

This is ridiculous. The two teams in the national championship would play five postseason games.

Final Thoughts

As it stands this season – I think the best playoff format would be a six team playoff. You include all of the Power 5 conference champions and one at large team. You also have an opportunity to reward the two best teams with a first round bye.

As we expand the playoff the games get a little redundant – the regular season would lose too much meaning if you make this thing too big.

What do you think the playoff should look like? Are you happy with the four team format, or would you prefer to expand this thing?

– Buzz

Predicting The 2019 College Football Season With NCAA14

The video game series I have put the most hours into is – without a doubt – the NCAA football franchise from EA sports. Mid July would roll around and I would pick up that game on day 1 and play the hell out of it. As everyone knows, the series stopped being produced after NCAA 14. Luckily, the game still survives thanks to community roster updates.

I just downloaded the 2019-2020 roster update for NCAA 14. I am going to sim through the season – without playing – and provide the most interesting information I can.

Top 10

After the regular season played out and conference titles were decided – this was the Top 10 we were left with heading into bowl season. It is surprising to see an undefeated Texas A&M squad at the top of the polls.

Conference Champions

  • ACC – #5 Clemson – (12-1)
  • American – #15 UCF – (9-3)
  • Big 12 – #3 Texas – (12-0)
  • Big Ten – #2 Michigan – (13-0)
  • Conference USA – Tulsa – (10-3)
  • MAC – Miami (OH) – (10-3)
  • Mountain West – New Mexico – (8-5)
  • PAC-12 – #7 Utah – (12-1)
  • SEC – #1 Texas A&M – (13-0)
  • Sun Belt – #15 Georgia State – (11-1)


Zack MossRBUtahSenior1876305 ATT 1,943 YDS, 6.4 YPC, 22 TD, 22 REC, 342 YDS, 2 TD
Sam EhlingerQBTexasJunior1430203/298, 68%, 3,177 YDs, 36 TD, 10 INT, 160 ATT, 622 YDS, 12 TD
Travis EtienneRBClemsonJunior777218 ATT, 1,521 Yds, 7 YPC, 14 TD, 22 REC, 295 YDs, 2 TD, 1 KR TD
Kellen MondQBTexas A&MJunior334230/374, 62%, 3,467 YDS, 45 TD, 3 INT, 79 ATT, 154 YDS, 2 TD
Brian HerrienRBGeorgiaSenior232312 ATT, 1,629 YDS, 5.2 YPC, 13 TD, 34 REC, 398 TDS, 3 TD
  • I think I have to disagree with the voters on this one. There is no way you can ignore the season that Kellen Mond had. Not only did he put up incredible numbers, he also led A&M to an SEC title and #1 ranking. In real life he would get the Heisman here.

Other Notable Players

Trevor LawrenceQBClemsonSoph.260/386, 4,051 YDS, 44 TD, 5 INT
Tua TagovailoaQBAlabamaJunior187/297, 2,798 YDS, 37 TD, 13 INT
Jalen HurtsQBOklahomaSenior214/424, 2,715 YDS, 23 TD, 16 INT, 167 ATT, 797 YDS, 11 TD
Justin HerbertQBOregonSenior235/382, 3,438 YDS, 29 TD, 5 INT
Khalil TateQBArizonaSenior244/408, 3,578 YDS, 35 TD, 10 INT, 136 ATT, 530 YDS, 5 TD
  • Trevor Lawrence likely wins the Heisman without the early regular season loss from Clemson.

College Football Playoff

If there were a College Football Playoff in this game – there are three teams that would for sure be in: Undefeated SEC Champ Texas A&M, Undefeated Big Ten Champ Michigan, and Undefeated Big 12 Champ Texas. The Debate would come down to three teams: Alabama (11-1), Clemson (12-1), and Utah (12-1).

  • Alabama: Suffered their lone loss of the season on September 14th against #1 Texas A&M. Did not participate in a conference championship game.
  • Clemson: Suffered their lone loss of the season in their opener to #12 Georgia at home on August 31st. Won the rest of their games by at least two touchdowns and beat #19 Virginia Tech in the ACC Championship game.
  • Utah: Suffered their lone loss of the season on September 14th against unranked Oregon State at home. Won the rest of their games, including defeating #23 Stanford in the PAC-12 Championship.

With all of that considered, it is really hard to believe that Alabama would not be a playoff team – even though they are not a conference champion, the only loss they had was to the #1 team and an undefeated SEC Champion. The CFP would look like this:

  1. Texas A&M
  2. Michigan
  3. Texas
  4. Alabama

CFP Semi Finals

Peach Bowl – #4 Alabama at #1 Texas A&M

Texas A&M dominated the game from the start – putting up a 27-3 lead heading into half time. The second half was a different story, as Alabama worked the A&M lead to just 6 points with 52 seconds left. Alabama was unable to recover the onside kick, sealing a 40-34 victory for A&M. The difference in this game was the turnovers, A&M intercepted the ball 4 times and recovered 2 fumbles.

  • Tua Tagovailoa – QB – Bama – 28/41, 366 YDS, 3 TD, 4 INT
  • Kellen Mond – QB – AM – 26/35, 192 yds, 2 TD, 1 INT

Fiesta Bowl – #3 Texas at #2 Michigan

Texas jumped out to an early lead and went into halftime with a 29-13 lead. Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines made a few adjustments at halftime and outscored Texas 34-0 in the second half. Michigan took home the victory with a score of 47-29.

  • Shea Patterson – QB – Mich – 25/32, 222 YDS, 2 TD, 2 INT
  • Sam Ehlinger – QB – Texas – 28/38, 246 YDS, 2 INT, 27 ATT, 90 YDS, 1 TD
  • Zach Charbonnet – RB – Mich – 25 ATT, 115 YDS, 1 TD

National Championship

#2 Michigan at #1 Texas A&M

Texas A&M went into halftime with a 20-10 lead. Michigan outscored A&M 20-3 in the second half. Michigan won 30-23 with a rushing touchdown from Zach Charbonnet as time expired.

  • Kellen Mond QB AM – 29/44, 289, 2 TD, 2 INT
  • Shea Patterson – 36/48, 329 YDS, 1 TD


If things play out like this in real life…Jim Harbaugh finally wins a National Championship, Jimbo Fisher wins the SEC with A&M, and a Ute wins the Heisman for the first time.

As long as we don’t have to watch Alabama vs Clemson again, I’m in.

– Buzz