Jonesing For A Thronesing: Episode Two Thoughts And Episode Three Predictions (4/23)

Dang – another filler episode. Quite a few loose ends were tied up – now we have to be moving on to the good stuff, right?

Thoughts on Episode Two:

*Stormin’ Mormon =SM, Tommy Nuggets = TN, Buzz = B


  • Daenarys is a B and weird for caring more about the throne than nagging her cousin (aunt?).
  • Tormund and Brienne deserve each-other.
  • Never again Arya. (I think the nude stuff made SM uncomfortable).


  • What’s to think about? I nailed everything!


  • Quite a few story arcs were wrapped up in this episode.
  • We didn’t see the following characters at all – Cersei, Euron, Yara, Bronn, and The Night King.
  • Jon did a good job explaining his bloodline to Daenarys. She had a very rational take – how does she know that his brother and best friend are telling the truth?
  • Daenarys is obsessed with getting the throne.
  • Sansa is working on a backup plan incase Jon and Daenarys blow it.
  • The Brienne story is exhausted now that she is knighted.
  • They mentioned that the crypts are the safest place in Winterfell way too often this episode.

Episode 3 Predictions


  • Night King is not at Winterfell – he is going to take out the Golden Company and make them slaves.
  • The Night King speaks in this episode.
  • Cersei has to go ask The North for help.


  • The Dead rise in the crypts of Winterfell.
  • The good guys win, but barely and it’s very costly (almost decimated).
  • The Night King flies to King’s Landing to create another army.
  • Deaths: Breinne, Podrick, Beric, Ed, Theon, and Jorah


  • The Night King is going to the Crypts first, he is going to raise the dead down there and infiltrate Winterfell that way.
  • Theon redeems himself by protecting Bran.
  • Jamie dies, sacrificing himself for Brienne.
  • Other deaths: The Hound, Eye Patch Guy, Tormund, Podrick, Davos, Gilly, Jorah, and Lyanna.
  • Bronn arrives in Winterfell, just in time to save Tyrion.

How We Fared With Last Week’s Predictions

SM: 0 – 3

  • Jon does not tell Daenarys about their actual relationship. WRONG
  • They kick Jamie out of Winterfell and don’t let him help. WRONG
  • Jamie turns into the new Hodor as he pays his debt to Bran. Undecided
  • One or some of the Dudes who were at Last Hearth get caught by the Night King and are held hostage – but not turned. WRONG
  • Cersei is not pregnant. Undecided
  • We hear the Night King Talk. Undecided

TN: 7 – 0

  • Jon reveals who he is to Daenarys. CORRECT
  • No key deaths this week. CORRECT
  • Brienne gets “Knighted”. CORRECT
  • Ghost makes an appearance. CORRECT
  • Theon arrives in Winterfell. CORRECT
  • Jamie is accepted in Winterfell after Brienne vouches for him. CORRECT
  • The episode is a major lead-up to Episode 3. CORRECT

B: 0 – 1

  • Jamie is about to get kicked out of Winterfell – Bran is able to convince everyone to let him stay. Not Quite
  • Jon does not tell Daenarys about his true identity. WRONG

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