The Portland Metro Area Gets Solid NFL Games: Week 7

Last week was officially graded as an “OK” for NFL on TV in the Portland-Metro Area. Will this week be any different? Let’s find out.

Here is what we have coming up for Week 7:

Thursday Night

Chiefs @ Broncos

I am always down to watch Patrick Mahomes play – especially if it is on a Thursday night. The Chiefs offense has sputtered a bit recently – and I am hoping they bounce back after a few losses. Like Tyreek Hill in the gif above – we are saying peace to the boring Thursday Night games we have had so far this year.

CBS Early

Raiders @ Packers

Gross. Jon Gruden and Aaron Rodgers in the same game. Who will the announcers gush over more?

Fox Early

49ers @ Redskins

This is an odd, yet intriguing game. The 49ers have been playing solid football so far this year. The Redskins are trash. This is the kind of game that I like to have on in the background on a Sunday morning while I’m doing other things.

Fox Late

Ravens @ Seahawks

Lamar Jackson is here to save us from another boring Seahawks game!

Sunday Night

Eagles @ Cowboys

I have had a good run of getting Dallas Cowboy football on TV – and we get another game this week. The Cowboys have been so frustrating to watch in the last few weeks – Jason Garrett needs to figure it out or start packing. I’ll be nervous watching this one.

Monday Night

Patriots @ Jets

The Jets looked good last week – they dominated the Cowboys. With Sam Darnold back – maybe this will be a decent game.


I am officially grading this as a “Solid” week of NFL action in Portland. I decided to take the grade up a bit – for the first time all season (I think) – we do not have to suffer through a Pittsburgh Steelers game.

– Buzz

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