Does The Head Football Coach At George Fox Have The Worst Signature Of All Time?

I was scrolling D3 twitter this evening when I stumbled upon another ridiculous D3 football offer tweet. As a former D3 two-sport athlete – I still cannot believe that this is a thing. There is no such thing as a D3 offer. It baffles me.

Anyways, something caught my eye inside one of the images posted within this “offer”.

Before I get into this – Chris Casey, the head coach at George Fox – is an awesome guy. I respect the man immensely. Not only is he a former Wildcat, he does a ton for his community.

With that being said – he may have the worst signature of all time. This looks like something one of my students would churn out shortly after they start to get the hang of writing with cursive.

You have to wonder – is this hurting recruiting at George Fox? Do high school athletes receive this image to post on their twitter, and then second guess themselves when they set eyes upon that signature?

I know that when I was being recruited – HEAVILY – by D3 programs, it really came down to the wire. I got down to my final two schools and had a tough time deciding where I wanted to go. All things considered, a strong signature from the head football coach could have swayed me either way.

– Buzz

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